News Headlines – Mon 4th

Yes we know it\’s a double Bank Holiday in the UK but we thought we would bring you a little extra for our international audience. So here\’s to the Queen.

Firstly is a new feature film project. Not necessarily similar to the likes of Minds Wide Open or The Windsurfing Movies but more a documentary film. Watch the video below, which explains all… To find out more and help towards the project then head on over to

Now if all these recent videos with all their special effects have got you a little wound up in the head, then you\’ll be sure to enjoy this. Not one special effect, just raw action and incredible camera work. Introducing pro surfer Dane Reynolds – excerpt (simply amazing).

For more on pro surfing, head on over to to follow the action as the next round of the WCT is already underway. The biggest shock so far is Kelly Slater being knocked out in round one…

We will be back for more on Wednesday, until then go windsurf if it\’s windy or head down to your local store to check out the latest toys if it\’s not…

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