News Headlines – Fri 15th

We knew we would have plenty for you this afternoon. Friday has certainly provided, so lets not dither any longer and tuck right in to this action packed feast.

Taking the top spot the UK\’s very own Ben Proffitt reveals all in his Pozo diaries. Updates on all the guys including Koester, Skye, Sanchez and more. If you want to see what you have to go through when you learn to double then this is one NOT to miss. A special mention to Albert Pijoan for being the crash test dummy…

Now here is an interesting edit. What windsurfing is like through the eyes of Balz Muller. Secretly, we kind of like this wild edit – \’why dub when we can go fuuuullpower\’ from Müller

It\’s PWA time and now for part three of the PWA Slalom World Cup in Costa Brava. Interviews, action and more…

Is kayaking cool? Well it\’s debatable but we may have just been converted a very tiny bit with this amazing edit from Red Bull.


Our closing words today go to Andy Funnell, who many will remember as a very radical young man pushing the sport hard. It was 8 years ago to the day that Andy sadly was lost. Over on our sister site he is remembered by his family: Trevor, Linda and Kara for his great passion and motivation. Trevor and Linda are now seen heading up the UK freestyle tour with the same passion and motivation, pushing the kids of today as they fulfill their dreams and progress on to the international stage. Great work to them and our thoughts are with Trevor and Linda as the take to the water in memory of Andy.



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