News Headlines – Thurs 13th

Today we start with the young Dutch/Bonaire rider You Schmit. He\’s put together this little clip from the MissionXL event that he attended with new partner in crime, Davy Scheffers. Plenty of action from what is certainly a growing event.

Next up is a video from our version of MissionXL, it\’s National Windsurfing Festival and in this clip we follow George Shillito from Polkerris beach around the event in more of a short web documentary than anything else. Highly humourous, very entertaining and plenty of fun…

After reporting about Thorpy (the mind behind K4 fins) on another Thurso mission yesterday it seems it\’s 100% on, according to his facebook page. It will certainly be an interesting one to follow as the swell looks to be tracking round the top of Scotland and coming down the East coast.

More on waves now and the AWT is a go as of yesterday, we are awaiting news from any action, although winds looked light with small surf according to Phil Soltysiak. In the meantime you can check out the preview report here.

Sticking with yet more waves, have you ever seen Lego windsurfing? Well this is as close as it gets, how awesome is this… Hot Sails on facebook.

Back on UK shores, Max Rowe, Andy \’Bubble\’ Chambers and friends have scored countless session at West Witterings famous Trench the last few days, all in anticipation for the UKWA Freestlye event #5.

Our last video for this morning comes from some up and coming rippers. These kids jumped at the chance to get on a wave clinic in Lanzarote recently and it looks like they had a great time…

More this afternoon, we\’ll catch you then…


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