News Headlines – Fri 23rd

Let us kick start Friday with a boost from the one and only Jem Hall. Seen in the eyes of many as a world class windsurfing coach he is about to bring joy to yet another group of windsurfers out in Brazil. Not sure what we are on about, or fancy finding out more then head over to this blog update – and check out the video below of last years adventures.

From one side of South America to another, we arrive in Chile with this outstanding video featuring the likes of Jason Polakow, Robby Swift and Felipe Wedeles. This can only mean one thing, big action in Topocalma!

Now for some more big waves but slightly closer to home. Ok the filming and edit isn\’t quite as good but the conditions are just as gnarly. 50 knot gusts, over mast high waves and down the line. It can only be Gwithian.

From big waves to big names, this is certainly shaping up to be a big Friday, especially when you take a look at the forecast over Europe, turns out there\’s a small amount of wind on its way… nothing new for those who\’ve been smashing it up on UK shores the last few days. Including freestyler Andy \’Bubble\’ Chambers with this very \’summery\’ photo update on facebook including some monstrous moves. Slightly sidetracked there we come back to Bjorn Dunkerbeck who stars in this histroy about the man himself, although you\’ll need to get out your french phrase book…

That\’s about it for this morning but if you missed it yesterday be sure to head to our home page and check out all the latest features. We\’ll be back this afternoon with a couple of Friday funnies…

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