News Headlines – Fri 23rd

Three clips this afternoon. The first just came in from Andre Paskowski. This clip shows some leftover shots from the Rewarded movie that inspired so many and continues to do so as it reached top 5 at the x-dance film festival recently. You can watch the full movie by clicking here. What\’s more you can donate to the costs of that movie and in turn the costs of future Paskowski productions be heading over to For now, enjoy another FREE quality edit – The ART of Windsurfing – Rewarded!

For a Friday funny, we\’ve been sent this. Ok it might take getting in to and it certainly requires the volume up but if you watch it through then you really get to the funny part, check it out…

Lastly, we dive in to the surf scene again for this Roar Power edit. Heavy stuff, heavy stuff indeed. Make sure to check your forecast and hit the water hard this weekend and just maybe we will see you there…


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