PWA Indoor confirmed at 2006 London Boat Show

The PWA Tour will descend on the London Boat Show from Thursday 12th Jan to Sunday 15th Jan 2006. The format will be the same as last year with a jump, freestyle and slalom contest.

There will be no UKWA event this year so the only indoor windsurfing will be on those 4 days at the end of the Show. However, although not confirmed, we are pretty sure that people will still be able to have a go at windsurfing throughout the Show as they turn the fans down and let you loose on some Funboards!

There is also a huge party in the EAST HALL on Thursday 12th where you can mingle and get merry with the windsurfing stars after watching them in the pool.

The London Boat Show runs from 6 – 15 January 2006 from 10am until 7pm, except for Thursday 12 January when the show will stay open until 9pm and on Sunday 15 when the show will close at 6pm. 

For more info on how to get there go to:

Photo Credit: PWA

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