Lanzarote Super X: Why Matt, Nik & Kevin did so well?

1st: Matt Pritchard (US-06): He was really good at his starts and spocks and didn\’t really fall in.

2nd: Kevin Pritchard (US-3): He was always on 7.0m black and yellow thing. (You mean a Maui Sail Phil?!)
and semi-standard Starboard S-type, only difference is he pulls out the
back strap inserts and glasses in new ones so he can have a single back
He always started at the downwind pin end of the line and
90% of the time it worked and he was first to the buoy. IGood forwards,
good spocks, never really crashed although spocks were at times a bit

Nik Baker (K66): Same as Matt. Really good starts and never got
flustered.  Quite happy to show someone a little inside gap at the buoy
and then slam the door shut! He did that to me anyway!!!

The Girls:
The course was perhaps too difficult for most but they gave it their
best shot. It was entertaining until they couldn\’t actually duck gybe
around the buoy at all.

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