Christchurch Super X Day 1

First day of the British Super X series got of to a flying start as John HIbbard and Matt Wemms battled it out on 7.0 metre sails, 3¬† races were completed but Johns experience of Super X won through as he showed the best speed on the 2 gybe 3 jump downwind course. Those with smaller sails struggled to get the good speed. The Boardseeker Team of Louise Emery, Clyde Waite and Adrian Jones turned up in time for the last race, but half way through the race it was only the bigger sails planing as the wind faded in the evening light. Today should bring much again the same conditions, Force 4 South Easterlies, the extremely low tide helping reduce the gustiness.¬†Getting over the buoys seems to get slightly easier, but they are great fun and a good challenge. The racing is pretty relaxed with a Le Mans beach start. So if you can then get down there…

The party will continue at Highcliffe sailing club from 7.30, if you are not entering then you will have to call Mark at Spot On Water to be on the guest list. All information is on the Spot on Water website HERE

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