Giant Leap for Windsurfing...


Klaus Voget takes us through one of the floatier jumps…

The photos are taken in Hanstholm in Denmark end of October by Carsten Naumann. This was one of the windiest days i’ve seen in my life. One guy took the windspeed of 65 knots on the beach, the storm was just too local to be suitable for the stormchase, that happened 5 days later. Was a good training-day for it….

I was just 15meters off the beach, when i hit this little ramp. The wind took me and i was flying up and then drifting sideways and backwards. I had the feeling i was gonna land back on the beach. I was on a 3.2m sail.

Takeoff and landing were too far apart, so there is this white part in the collage, that i coudn’t fill up…

Photo Credit: Carsten Nauuman


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