Sarah Quita Moves On..

Sarah Quita Offringa has left Maui Sails and has moved on. We are not sure of the details yet, but the news comes within only a week of the Moreno twins leaving Mistral without a brand to go to. Sarah Quita is the world number 2 in womens freestyle, she is only 16 and a formidable talent, winning the PWA Fuerteventura Gran Slam outright..

This is what Maui Sails had to say..

We are sad to report that Sarah-Quita Ofringa has decided to leave
MauiSails for the coming season. Her stellar performances last year, and
her special personality has made us proud to be associated with her. We
will miss having her energy and enthusiasm in our group, and wish her
all the best with her future choices. It was a great thing for MauiSails
to be involved with her and we will always appreciate her contribution
to our beginnings.

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