PWA Sylt Day 3

Today Sylt was mainly squally!! One minute beautiful sunshine, the next sheeting it down with plenty of gusty wind – not the easiest conditions in which to run a freestyle competition. But these guys are Pros so they still looked blooming amazing with all their fancy moves landed against the intimidating sky.

Tonky Frans had a great day! He advanced against Victor Fernandez, Nicolas Akgazciyan to face current Tour leader Kiri Thode. Tonky was simple more solid in the difficult conditions to meet Marcilio Browne in the semi final. Despite Team Mistral cheering Browne on, Tonky won that heat to meet Jose Estredo (Gollito) in the final.

Gollito had a good run taking out Taty Frans and Ricardo Campello in the final stages to meet Tonky in the final. Despite Tonky\’s best efforts (a shuvit spock 540), Gollito\’s one-handed burner blew the crowds away not to mention the Judges score card!

So the Single Elimination Freestyle results are:

1. Gollito
2. Tonky Frans
3. Ricardo Campello
4. Marcilio Browne
Joint 5th: Taty Frans, Kiri Thode, Leo Ray & Normen Gunzlein.

More fun to come on Tuesday!!

Photo Credit: PWA/John Carter