Shinny\’s New Range

There are 3 in his range so far – the 555, 666 and Shinn Board… although Skim boards and surf boards are also on their way! The boards are made in the burton\’s snowboard factory – they make 500 snowboards a day!!! How mad is that!! Anyway…

The 666 is shinny\’s pro model. It\’s made from honeycombe wood and is designed to give maximum performance and maximum pop. This is achieved by making the board fairly stiff from end to end, but by making the 4 tips very flexible. While riding on the edge of this board it absorbs chop as though it wasn\’t there, but as soon as you come off the edge the board holds it\’s shape and when you dig that edge in hard to pop that\’s exactly what you get – maximum performance for your tricks! This board is made of the most basic snowboard production and even has a little window so you can see the honeycombe structure which is pretty cool!!! Breaking this board is next to impossible. It comes 3 choices of colour and 5 sizes and retails at

Photo Credit: Flo Deucate