16 Year Old Rising Freestyle Star

Maaike Huvermann is one of the most talented young female windsurfers that has appeared on the freestyle scene for a while. At just 16 Maaike has already taken the youth freestyle world title in 2013 and is set for bigger and better things this year.

This video was taken on one long winter weekend in Holland, and as you can see Maaike certainly has the moves to challenge many of the top riders…

Windy winter weekend! from Maaike Huvermann on Vimeo.

“Hi people!
This is my video about a windy winter weekend a few weeks ago. There are 3 different spots in the video from 3 different days. Yeah I had 3 days weekend :). Just once a year. I have been training hard all winter season and I landed quite a lot of new moves!
Thanks for watching! Hang loose!”

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