Hancock Scores the Jurassic Park

Top British rider Jamie Hancock, Timo Mullen and Jack Hunt found some incredible conditions earlier in the year. On their day Europe and the south of England can produce incredible conditions, let’s just hope the wind and waves come like this for the PWA events in Germany and Denmark later in the year…

Jurassic Park from jamie hancock on Vimeo.

  1. Paul Metcalfe (monkey)

    The ice age wiped out the dinosaurs and it nearly did it again to the windsurfers that day, it was a cold long winter. The sun shine makes all the difference that was 5 degrees tops that day add in wind chill may be zero… who cares when your score days, cool video guys.

  2. Santi Luraschi

    Awsome video, nicely put together and edited!! Good level of windsurfing as well!!


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