Boardseeker Windsurfing Magazine en Interview - 25,000 Flock to Witness Campello Win Wed, 22 Oct 2014 09:08:16 +0000 Online Editor BS: Ricardo, how was it to win here? RC: "I'm so stoked, winning here in front of such a large crowd is just amazing. There were so many people, I signed more autographs and had more photos with people then at any event this year. The people here really seem to know the sport and know what it is about, I can't believe how many people showed up during the middle of the week like this. The crowd were really cheering and they seem much more involved then at Sylt, I think mainly because they all seem to be windsurfers here, whereas in Sylt a lot of people come over because it is also the holidays, which is great but here the feeling is also really amazing. BS: You really seem to feed off the crowd, you do better when more people are watching? RC: Haha, yeah I don't know, I think it was amazign to have so many people here, for sure it is motivating to see them but I think all windsurfers are the same, the love a crowd. Well all competitive windsurfers, right?? LT14_wv_Ricardo_back_loop BS: Everyone was talking about that huge stalled double crash? RC: I'm completely stoked with my result, yeah I had a huge crash from a stalled double, the wave was pretty big and during the heat it felt like the wind swung much more onshore, which made it especially hard to ride but I wanted to go for this double and I just got thrown too high up with a bit of a kick from the lip that I did not expect, it ended up being more like a killer loop. I even lost track of where I was when I hit the water, I swam out to find my gear but then realised it was behind me. LT14_wv_Campello_on_fire BS: It looked like it was hard to ride, with the waves changing a lot? RC: During the competition the conditions changed a lot, during my earlier heat it was actually much easier to sail, as we progressed further through the rounds it became harder to ride, I felt like I was losing a lot of power on that inside bottom turn and I had to really adapt for each wave. Sometimes it was hard to know where each one would peak as sections appeared all over the place, once you were throwing the top turn it was then difficult to read the wind. But actually these are little things and if we had more time to practice at this spot I think it would be less to think about, it is really providing great conditions. We've had such diversity in the last week, it's incredible! LT14_wv_Campello_takes_the_single BS: You seem to have a new fire in your belly after changing to Patrik and Point-7? RC: Yeah, I really have to thank Patrik and Point-7, this change has been a big motivation and these guys are really supporting me. I had Patrik at the beach supporting me in Pozo and being my caddy, I have Andrea Cucchi being my caddy here. They are both super great I also have to say that Powerex are really providing me with great masts, these new Bamboo masts are incredibly strong, I haven't broken a single one yet and Maui Fins are a great help with the fins and harness also. I think I really have to say that this new sponsorship change has actually made me more relaxed than fired up and by being more relaxed I become more fired up. Both of them were like 'hey, it's not all about results, we know you can do well but it's more about the person you are' and this is what I really think sponsorship is about. Unfortunately I really think many of the brands in our sport are totally focused on results and I don't really like this philosophy you know. I think the more relaxed you are the better you are going to do, pressure, from sponsors, from yourself or even your mum doesn't help, sometimes I tell her to stop talking to me during a competition because I don't want that pressure, haha. LT14_wv_Campello_smacks_the_lip BS: Starboard tack, it's been a while since we saw a starboard tack with this much jumping and wave-riding in one event, tell us more? RC: It's really epic, the tour this year has become much more rounded. We are seeing a lot of changes and you know we had such a port tack biased tour in recent years. Now with Maui coming into play things were already changing and with this event it was nice to get these conditions. For me, I really like to jump on port tack and ride on starboard, but for the first time today I felt really comfortable on starboard, it's really one of the first times I've felt good about moves like double forwards on this side. LT14_wv_Campello_Forward BS: This year it looks like the winner of the PWA World Tour may really be the most all rounded wave windsurfer in the world? RC: Yeah totally, the tour has everything this year, thanks to this event, we now have two starboard tack events, two port tack with a mix of onshore, side-onshore and side-offshore. LT14_wv_Ricardo_back_loop BS: So let's be honest, you'd rather the double wasn't complete now? RC: No, I mean of course that would be nice for my result, to win my first PWA wave event would be a dream but to be second, which is the worst I can do now, wouldn't be so bad, but for sure I want to win, haha. Anyway, let's see, for now I am so stoked, super happy and have to thank my sponsors again, they are offering me a lot of support. LT14_ls_Ricardo_Celebrates Photos - Carter / ]]> 5 With Fanatics Best - Fernandez and Voget Sat, 18 Oct 2014 09:52:20 +0000 Online Editor PWA La Torche, did you ever sail here before, what are you expecting from the conditions? VF: It's the first time ever for me in La Torche. I only sail here the first 3 days of my trip and this evening. I was expecting difficult conditions and big waves and I think it is. The waves get big very fast here and the spot changes a lot with the tides but I really like the location. KV: I sailed there yesterday for the first time. It was pretty light and a solid swell, challenging, but I quite like that kind of stuff.
Victor Fernandez warming up the week before the competition
Victor Fernandez warming up the week before the competition
Tell us a little bit about the competition year for you so far? VF: So far I'm very happy how everything is going for me. It's so difficult to stay up in the podium and I can't really ask for more. 1st in Pozo, 3rd in Tenerife & 2nd in Denmark. Conditions are always the same for everyone in contests so I just prepare myself and my equipment to sail as good as I can during the events. I just want to keep pushing my level as far as I can and if I sail good winning or losing is fine for me. KV: It’s not really been great conditions wise so far, but I think we made the most out of it. I’m in the top 5 – so yes of course I’m happy! Now I hope we get firing waves for the last two events!
Klaas Voget in Sylt
Klaas Voget in Sylt
The last two events are set to go off, the forecast for La Torche is incredible and Maui promises to deliver perhaps the best conditions of the year, are we about to see an epic showdown and are you looking forward to these events? VF: Of course, this 2 events will be amazing. I'm really looking forward to them. I think that this year the PWA Tour is probably the most complete tour in the past 7 years with 6 events on the calendar. The forecast for La Torche is great and Maui always delivers. I'm happy to be part of it. KV: I’m really looking forward to it! La Torche is back on the calendar after something like 20 years and should kick off right on the first day with solid waves and wind. And then Maui – which place could be better for a final!?
Just to give you a taste of the conditions - Antoine Albeau catches the wave of the day yesterday with a huge set rolling in.
Just to give you a taste of the conditions - Antoine Albeau catches the wave of the day yesterday with a huge set rolling in.
Do you feel prepared for these last two stops, have you done anything special to train for them? VF: For La Torche I prepare myself coming straight after Sylt and I scored some good days so I have more knowledge of the spot. I always like to come much earlier to every contest we do. For Maui I prepare myself spending four or more months a year tuning my boards/sails for Hookipa and sailing many hours there. KV: I’ve worked a lot on my gear this year and I think that is part of why I’m doing quite good this season. Especially when the conditions are tricky, it’s important to have the right stuff. I’m always in favour of bigger waves and this is what I’m hoping for for the two final events.
The week could see a range of conditions, Victor Fernandez has been here long before the contest to test the spot.
The week could see a range of conditions, Victor Fernandez has been here long before the contest to test the spot.
Will you be World Champion this year? VF: Still to early to think about it but I for sure would love to get the World title, I will try my best. KV: No – I guess I’d have to win both events and Victor has to finish last. I don’t really see that happening ;-)
Klaas clocks the hours in the cold spots of Scandinavia
Klaas clocks the hours in the cold spots of Scandinavia
Get Windsurf Fit in 10 Easy Ways Fri, 10 Oct 2014 11:18:50 +0000 Online Editor IMG_7545 1Before we go any further let's clarify what these fitness requirements are not. It is far too easy to watch extreme sports videos and be mislead by the likes of Laird Hamilton, Jason Polakow, Kai Lenny and Kelly Slater training hard in the ocean all day every day. But the reality is that taking part in these sports is most certainly not about four minute breath holds whilst running along the sea bed, 50 feet below the surface, with a 50kg slab of reef in your arms. We are talking about learning to windsurf here, so these 10 easy exercises should get you ready for your first lessons right through to an intermediate level. Many of these are even used by the top professionals themselves, just with certain variations to increase the difficulty. First and foremost, we must highlight the muscle groups that you will be activating the most and thus, need our attention in these early days, these are; the core muscles, arms, upper back and legs. Click through the next few pages to read about these muscle groups and try out our RECOMMENDED WORKOUT We strongly recommend you read the muscle groups before jumping straight to the exercises, but if you really want to fast-track then click here. Core We all know our core muscles wrap around our stomach area, situated between the lower ribs and upper pelvis, this power house of closely knit muscles is our biggest aid in balance. Having a strong core is a big step into the right direction to aid us windsurfers through many manoeuvres. It is even more fundamental at a beginners level because we have less flow of water across the underside of the board. The flow rate of water is dependant on how fast you are travelling forwards and essentially the higher this flow rate, the more stable the board is as a platform to stand on. So as a beginner, you will be starting off slow and will need as much balance and core stability as possible to counteract this lack of stability offered by forward momentum. Exercises include: Leg Raises, Plank and Criss-Cross Sit-ups IMG_7550 2 Arms It's probably the most obvious of the muscle groups. Anyone who has seen an image of windsurfing will know that we have to hang on to the sail, via the boom, all day long. Well this is true but there is one big factor that will help your motivation to pass the beginner stage as quick as possible, a harness. The harness allows us to hook into the harness lines which are attached to the boom and allows us to rest our arms, however there are still plenty of times we must unhook and no matter what the level, windsurfing is seriously good arm workout. So we will make sure you are prepared for your first day with these simple exercises. With which you can begin to add a certain degree of difficulty. Exercises include: Handstand Holds and Ring Rolls ( also Push-ups and Dips) IMG_7533 1 Upper Back The silent killer, you do not notice it when you are on the water but your upper back is working at full force, you will discover muscles you never realised you had, but unfortunately you will only discover these the next day when DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) sets in. We've all been there, the muscle ache after a long walk/jog/bike ride, don't worry you will learn to love it. In addition to this is that windsurfing actually stretches our back muscles a lot and turns our shoulders inwards, it is not the most sexy look when you are five years in and walking around with a hunch that would put that beast of Notre Dam to shame. So it's important to work on the upper back from day one, you will get so much more from your sessions. Exercises include: Push-ups and Dips (and Ring Rolls) IMG_7552 1 Legs - Stability The reason for the word stability in this sub-title is because this is all we need our legs for really, windsurfing is quite a lazy sport on the lower half of our body and you will see many top professionals supporting the oh so classic 'chicken leg' look. It is similar, yet directly opposite to a road cyclist or mountain biker who has big legs but small arms, this is why these sports compliment each other perfectly. With this in mind, our aim is to actually work on the small and more stabilising muscles within the legs, around the knees, ankle and hip joint and not the huge amount of power the legs can provide. This said, it is always important to work on all muscle groups in proportion, and considering as our legs take up a huge percentage of our muscle mass, there is plenty of benefit in working out our legs despite the lack of use during windsurfing. The most obvious benefit is that when we utilise and train such a large muscle mass in the body it sets off specific endorphins and hormones that actually aid other muscle groups all over the body to grow even stronger. Exercises include: Burpees, Lunges and Jumps to One Leg Spot. Scroll on through the following pages to see the exercises one by one. Extend until your other knee touches the ground and work hard on keeping the skateboard under your front knee. CORE - Leg Raises As simple as the name says, Leg Raises will tighten up the core muscles and help get rid of any unnecessary poundage. 1. Start by lying flat on the ground, hands by your side and engage your core muscles by clenching your abs and trying to pull your belly button in towards your spine. Begin to raise your legs with slightly pointed toes keeping your head and back on the ground. Do not let your lower back arch upwards away from the floor. IMG_7549 2 2. Raise the legs further keeping them straight at all times. Again make sure the lower back does not arch up away from the floor and keep your hands tucked in by your side. IMG_7546 2 3. As you raise your legs to the highest point make sure you lift your hips and your hips only. As you lift give a little clench of your bum and abs to really tuck your hips up in the air. Point your toes towards the sky and try to reach the ceiling. Don't over extend, just as far as you can see in this example below and then finish off by lowering your extended legs slowly back down in exactly the same way you brought them up. IMG_7550 2 Advanced Option In the gallery below you can see a more advanced option should you have a pull-up bar or somewhere safe you can hang from.
Hang straight with pointed toes
straigth leg raise, clench your butt and don't curve your back
Legs right up to your chest and tense your core, slowly lower back down.
CORE - Plank The Plank has been around since the dark ages, a classic exercise that will never get old, it engages the core muscles to the maximum and gives you a good test of how much stronger you are getting by seeing how much longer you can hold it. To hold the Plank position set yourself up like you see in the image below. Make sure your elbows are directly below your shoulders, hands are pointing forwards and you have a 90 degree bend in your elbows. Ensure your body is fully extended and you are balancing on your toes. Don't let your butt go too high in the air and make sure you have one straight line from your shoulders, bum and heels. The last thing to do is clench your bum and your abs and try to pull your belly button up to your spine. Hold this position. IMG_7497 1 CORE - Criss-Cross Sit-ups One of the best sit-up variations out there. Whilst a classic sit-up will focus on your abdominal muscles, a criss-cross sit-up will focus on both this, your obliques and other rotatory core muscles, of which we utilise a lot during windsurfing manoeuvres. 1. Simply find a firm but comfortable floor area, or if you plan to do a lot grab a fitness matt from your local sports shop. Once on the floor raise one knee to 90 degrees and with your hands behind your head and elbows pointing to the side try to touch your knee with the opposite elbow. As you do so point your toes with your extended leg and raise your shoulders off the floor. IMG_7501 1 2. From this position rotate your core and bicycle your legs so you are touching the other knee to the other elbow. Keep your shoulders up off the floor the whole time and give a little clench as you reach with your elbow to your knee. Watch out that your elbows do not collapse inwards, really keep them pointing to the side and rotate your core to get your elbows to touch your knee. IMG_7502 1 ARMS - Handstand Holds Everybody has tried a handstand at some point but did you know it is an extremely good way to work on your arms and shoulder strength. Similar to a Plank, this Isometric exercise will see you hold position for as long as possible or a targeted time. To initiate this exercise find a wall you can hand stand against, once you have your feet up clench your bum, push into the ground with straight arms tense your core and try to point hard to the sky with your feet. Hold this position for as long as possible, focusing on your arms a lot and pushing hard into the ground. IMG_7545 1 ARMS - Ring Rolls You will require a small amount of equipment for this one, if rings are a problem then get creative, in the worst case a bar will do and still offers a great variation of this workout, rings just give you more comfort and range. 1. Start this exercise by hanging off the rings at 45 degree angle to the floor. Straight arms, straight legs, feet flat on the floor and clench your bum and core to keep a stiff body throughout this exercise. Keep your chest up and shoulders back, don't let your shoulders roll in and forwards. IMG_7532 1 2. Pull your body to the rings maintaining a locked straight core and body. Pull the rings to your chest and keep your shoulder blades flat and pull them down towards your bum to really push your chest out. Too easy? Start lower by walking your feet away from the rings a few centimetres at a time. IMG_7533 1 Advanced Options Still too easy?
IMG_7534 1
IMG_7535 1
IMG_7538 1
IMG_7539 1
UPPER BACK - Push-ups Since the dawn of time the push-up has been considered one of the most effective body weight exercises for your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back. It really covers a wide range of muscles and suits the needs of windsurfers very well. Be sure to include this in your workout as often as possible. 1. Adopt the position below; hands directly under your shoulders and pointing forwards, keep your body straight and don't let your bum go up in the air. IMG_7552 1 2. As you lower body so that your chest touches the floor make sure your elbows are pointing behind you and are tucked in close to your body. Keep your head up, don't let it hang down. IMG_7551 1 UPPER BACK - Dips Again some equipment for this will make the exercise more comfortable and target the muscle groups that we want to just that little bit better, however there are alternatives. 1. Ensure the rings are high enough off the ground so that you will not touch with your knees as you go down. Get into position and make sure you are leaning slightly forwards. Lock your core muscles and begin. IMG_7523 1 2. Lower your body by focusing on bringing your lower arms and elbows forwards and your upper arm and shoulder should touch the ring, then push yourself back up, again keeping your lower arm and elbows forwards. IMG_7522 1 No Rings No Problem You can also do it on a box, bench, chairs or a fallen tree. Whatever floats your boat.
IMG_7527 1
IMG_7526 1
LEGS - Burpees Although not the most enjoyable exercise, it is perhaps the best for our legs, stability and conditioning. As you push up and raise your body you have to focus on clenching your bum. Then jumping and landing on the same spot each time gets us to focus on our balance. Flick through the gallery and read the pointers, then give it a try for yourself.
Start on the floor, hands by your side pointing forwards
Push your shoulders up and leave your hips down
Feet to your hands and raise your hips
Jump in the air and clap your hands above your head.
LEGS - Lunges Working on our legs, particularly with Lunges, allows us to focus on our stability around the ankle, knee and hip joints. By doing this we will gain much better balance before jumping on a board for the first time. What's more, if you have an old skateboarding kicking around then you can make even better progress, read on. 1. As you step into the lunge from a standing position make sure to step far enough that when you bend your knees they are both at 90 degrees at the lowest point. As you drop aim to tap your knee on the ground and keep your back straight, try to keep your feet in one line to work on balance further. IMG_7473 1 2. It is important that you do not bring your front knee too far forwards by ensuring that it does not pass over your heel. IMG_7484 1 Action Sports Alternative Our action sports alternative requires a skateboard, if you have one lying around then go grab it, it will improve your balance immensely. Check out the gallery below.
Start in a standing position with your feet close together
Roll forwards on the skateboard keeping your knee over your heel
Extend until your other knee touches the ground and work hard on keeping the skateboard under your front knee.
LEGS - Jump to One Leg Spot Probably our most basic exercise this one will get you working on your balance without the need of extra equipment. Talking of which, if you are keen to try out a balance board then there are all sorts of options out there but keep in mind that science states balance boards to only be effective as a training tool for six weeks. After this you obtain very little to no further benefits. For this exercise you really need to focus purely on landing on that spot perfectly. Start about a metre back from the spot, there is no need to jump far. The main aim is to stick the landing. Land flat on the spot, don't let the knee cave inwards and keep your knees over your feet. Don't forget to alternate legs.
IMG_7490 1
IMG_7491 1
IMG_7493 1
IMG_7492 1
IMG_7487 1
IMG_7488 1
Recommended Program - 10-for-10 x 3 Keep it simple at first, completing this program 4-5 times per week and then increase your repetitions by about 10-20% on a weekly basis. This is our program for a sedentary adult who does minimal additional exercise but is mobile and agile enough to complete these workouts. Three sets (rounds) of the following program: Leg Raises x 10 Plank x 2x10 seconds Criss-Cross Sit-ups x 10 (each side) Handstand Holds x 2x10 seconds or as long possible up to 45 seconds Ring-Rolls x 10 Push-ups x 10 Dips x 10 Burpees x 10 Lunges x 10 Jump to One Leg Spot x 10


Photos & text - Adam Sims (6x National Windsurfing Champion, European Windsurfer of the Year and BSc Sports Science). Athlete Models & special thanks - Hanna Poschinger, Boris Zupa and Crossfit Pantheon ]]>
Gollito Estredo - 6x Freestyle World Champion Mon, 06 Oct 2014 12:57:38 +0000 Online Editor It’s a dream to win my sixth world title. It feels amazing, I never expected it in my life - Gollito After a long week in Sylt the freestylers finally managed to score good conditions to complete a full single elimination, during which, Gollito Estredo showed that he wanted that World Title back and was leaving nothing to chance by taking the victory straight out of the bat.
Gollito on fire in the light winds
What's more, a shock upset by way of Anthony Ruenes taking down the 2014 World Champion Kiri Thode, saw Gollito jump to the top of the World Tour rankings.
A shock upset saw Kiri take 5th place
A shock upset saw Kiri take 5th place
However, the double loomed and conditions provided suitable wind to fire through the early rounds, unfortunately for the former World Champion the forecast didn't look too favourable for Thode, and before long it was too light to continue competition. This meant that the results of the first round would stick for anyone above 17th place. SY14_ls_Champagne_moment_for_Gollito_Estredo SY14_ls_Celebration_timeAt the prize giving Gollito stated -It’s a dream to win my sixth world title. It feels amazing, I never expected it in my life. I’m really happy to have won again and be back at the top. I hope I can continue like this in the future and I will keep training hard over the winter to make sure I can keep up.SY14_ls_2014_PWA_Freestyle_World_champion_Gollito_Estredo Want to see some video action, then check the official event video by clicking on the link below.


The Mother of All Teahupoo Sessions Thu, 02 Oct 2014 10:44:26 +0000 Online Editor DCIM111GOPROMathieu, what just happened, out of no where, images of Kauli have exploded on to Facebook, what were you guys doing there? Spikyshots: Actually it was more of a coincidence, my good friend (the one riding Naish) Charles Vandemeulebroucke has been living there for 2 years now, waiting for these conditions, waiting to score the perfect session, for 2 years... Perhaps it was no surprise that he wasn't the only one on the water that day. When Kauli showed up he had a small film crew with him who were shooting for some kind of reality TV show.

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The conditions look like they were pumping, we've rarely seen windsurfers on Teahupoo when it is this big, what kit were Kauli and Charles using? Spikyshots: Yeah it was really pumping, I definitely captured the biggest set waves on photo, as you can see here. They were both out on sails around 4.7 and quite small boards, about 75-80l. image-5 Did you get your own session? Spikyshots: Unfortunately not, my RRD gear didn't show up in time so I did the right thing and picked up the camera, it was incredible to see these guys ripping on such perfect waves but I wanted to be there so bad. image-6 Any big wipeouts? 10653419_710954188972989_1180682757094973259_nSpikyshots: For sure, Kauli went over the falls on his last wave, he got sucked over really bad. We saw him heading in after that and then didn't see him again but we heard he twisted his ankle quite bad, possibly even broken. I think anyone in his position would say whatever it was, it was worth it. image What about Kauli's equipment, did it survive? Spikyshots: No for sure not, nothing survives the power of this wave. We heard everything was totally destroyed, the wave even had enough power to break the board in two. That kind of shows you how strong it is for those that get sucked over the falls. We are happy to hear that nothing worse happened to Kauli and are looking forwards to the video footage coming online. image-4 Check out the gallery below to see even more incredible images plus the ones already featured, blow them up, check them out in the biggest possible size you can, they are seriously impressive.
photo 2
PWA Sylt - 2016 protos, Dunkerbeck retiring and more behind the scenes... Tue, 30 Sep 2014 17:04:16 +0000 Online Editor Click on the next page for more. SY14_ls_Bjorn_checks_the_actionProbably some of the biggest news of the week came from Björn Dunkerbeck who officially announced his retirement from the PWA at the end of this event. Björn's right hand man, Victor Couto stated that "Björn is not retiring from windsurfing, just from PWA racing, he will now focus more on distance racing and his Dunkerbeck Speed Challenges, the latter of which is looking promising for three events in the coming year, continuing the series from this year as we had anticipated. We are all looking forward to a promising and exciting future in this new angle for Björn and his career". SY14_sl_Bjorn_at_the_mark Continue reading on the next page.
Arnon celebrating his early win.
Arnon celebrating his early win.
Sticking with slalom and it has been that very discipline that has seen the most success this week, with Arnon Dagan stealing the show in the first round, he certainly looks hot to take the title here should he hold his form. However, as we well know, much can change in the macho ranks of slalom, not least with the power, drive and determination of Antoine Albeau. Watch this space... SY14_sl_Josh_Angulo SY14_ls._Robert_Teriitehau_and_Robby_Naish_on_stageBack on shore and there has been plenty to keep the crowds entertained during the light winds, not least with the annual visit from Robby Naish and this years special guest, Robert Teriitehau. Robert who? Youtube his name and you'll see why this man deserves to stand alongside Robby Naish on any stage, any day of the week. DCIM101GOPRO
The girls mean business
The girls mean business
As per usual Sylt is the perfect place for brands to meet, magazines to collate stories and the PWA to ensure they stay one step ahead of the game at all times. One such way is to hold quite heated discussions with each of the disciplines about what they would like to see change and progress to keep pushing the sport forwards. So far all but the slalom sailors have had their meetings and we've seen plans proposed for live scoring for freestyle to feedback on the trials and judging of the wave heats this year. Whilst plans for freestyle live scoring have been in motion for more than a year now, a suitable system has yet to be decided that the majority of the riders are happy with. However, progress is progress and there is certainly plenty of promising doses of that going on each day, another space to watch then... We can't say much more on this topic right now but we can unveil something about 2016 Starboard gear if you keep reading to the next page. SY14_ls_Freestyle_skippers_meeting IMG_2867 IMG_2868We got our paparazzi on as we passed the current freestyle World Champion, Kiri Thode as well as freestyle legend and consistent podium finisher Taty Frans, both strapping up a new 2016 Starboard prototype. It's alright, we obtained express permission from the chief designer himself, Remi Villa, who also happened to be standing right there, probably one of the most high profile car park moments of the week. We asked a few short questions We can see a V1 and V3 version on the floor, how many shapes do you make each year? Remi: Well it very much depends but we are often making 6/7/8 for each freestyle size. Do you get radical with your prototypes or do you try to alter small things? Remi: Oh no, we are happy to try out some radical things, big ideas sometimes require big changes and this is what we are more than happy to let out team riders test, but we mix and match, sometimes a small change can make a dramatic difference. So what about other ranges, how many prototypes are you making from the iSonic for example? Remi: We hit 50 protos last year, you have to remember each size needs its on prototypes, so it becomes very easy to clock up the number of boards we test. At the end of the day we do this to make sure we have the absolute best shape for the following years. To wrap up today (Tuesday 30th), we've picked our own rider of the event so far, the one and only Jaeger Stone. Cool and collective, the humble Aussie looks totally focused to do battle at the drop of a hat. Having already showed a strong performance on the World Tour this year with two fourths in the Canaries, he is no doubt keen to see another result count to see that discard wipe out his score from the formidable event in Klitmoller, which saw the competitors take to the water in light onshore conditions in the final hour. SY14_ls_Jaeger_stone ]]>
PWA Sylt - Behind The Scenes Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:23:45 +0000 Online Editor Amongst the first riders to return were Nicolas Akgazciyan and Dieter Van Der Eyken. Both riders passed the qualifications but unfortunately that was the end of the road for them. It didn't stop them grinning from ear to ear as they both sailed solid heats against Thomas Traversa and Marcilio Browne respectively. Yeah I'm stoked, it was super close, unfortunately I just missed landing a wave 360 back in the wave and this could have made all the difference for me, still only 1.5 points behind the World Champion, can't complain too much. - Dieter Van Der Eyken told us.


IMG_2805.JPG We just wondered into the kit tent and saw a chilled out Jager Stone. Having just passed his heat he's now preparing to face Ricardo. These two finished close together in Sylt and now face each other on the water. "Yeah I'm pleased to make it through, I'm now up against Ricardo so am just thinking about my earlier heats and what to do in this one. I'm on my 4.8 and 80l quad, the gear is working fine, it's quite light out there because of the onshore wind and waves. There are some set waves but actually I kind of realised these are not necessarily the ones you want, there is no wind in front of them and it really kills your ride. It seems better to try and stay in one section and really work it back and frontside. Let's see how it goes..." - Stone

IMG_2809.JPG We bumped into Olya Raskina by the men's heat board, she's up as soon. I was out a bit earlier, it's really light, my 4.8 and 69l board wasn't enough so I've managed to borrow some gear off Leon, an 80l board should help. Brrr it's so cold!

IMG_2812.JPG It seems that most riders are walking their kit back to the kit tent. The wind is very marginal and despite the best efforts of the PWA it is hard to push the sailors again and again. "It was super light and I was in my 5.7 and 104l board, just like in Klitmoller, I passed against Dieter, it was close hey, but these conditions are tough, it can be anyone's game" - Brawzinho

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