Pozo Day 06 - Wind and Waves!

Finally, on day six of the competition in Gran Canaria the wind and some small waves appeared. Not enough to run an official competition,  but more than enough for an incredible super session. Check out the action in the official video below and head to our home page for more video action from the competition!

Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival 2013 – Day 06 from morenotwins on Vimeo.


  1. Michael

    Nice video. But I wonder how Köster could win the super session without beeing on the water. There is not a single frame of the winner in the “official video” of the event. Would be interesting if this is an accident or if Köster is disregarded on purpose…



    P.S.: Sorry, just noticed that there are a few frames of Köster. He is sailing next to Campello while Campello is doing a jump…


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