Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Maui Part 2

Ben Proffitt is back with part two of his Maui training diaries, a wrap up of a very strange few weeks on the north shore…

In the words of Proffitt himself:

Who wants to see… Crashes, injuries, Doubles, Eagle wings, Naked men, a proper table top, Porno Tack, How to come ashore with out getting your feet wet, more injuries.. broken masts, Robby Naish’s Backside, new move from Ezzy, win tickets to the indoor windsurfing in Poland or a windsurfing sail!! Plus how to ruin your new board straight from the shaping room and how to total a set new carbon fins!

‘Likes’ and ‘shares’ are always welcome as is a donation to the beer fund?! haha… well worth a try… it’s thirsty work!

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