Team Quatro/Goya – Not Just A Holiday Movie

When the Quatro and Goya team go on holiday you know it’s going to be somewhere special. And when they make a movie from their ‘holiday’ you know it’s going to be an absolute must watch. 

If you live in Maui, where would you choose to go to ‘take time away’? It’s a tough choice, but the team (including Brawzinho, Levi Siver, Bernd Roediger, Jason Diffin, Keith Teboul and more) chose the Marshall Islands.

You can check out just how incredible their trip was and why they keep heading back below. We love this video for a few reasons, not only does it have the likes of Levi and Bernd showing off their fluid styles on one of the best waves in the world, but the actual filming is great too. Some magical and amazing underwater scenes are dropped into the full on action really nicely, making this all a pleasure to watch.

Eleven to Dark Productions from siver on Vimeo.