The Diary of Tom Brendt – with Gollito, Campello, Diaz and More


Bio/Information from Fanatic.

Name: Tom Brendt

Birthday: 11.11.1973

Country: Germany

Favourite discipline: Wave-Freestyle

Best results:

Bringing people to their always wanted move!

Favourite spot: Tarifa, Isla Margarita

Favourite Fanatic board: NewWave Twin TE 7

Favourite manoeuvre: Shove It Spock, Backloop, Airflakas

How I started: I saw the Windsurfers at the dutch Northsea and wanted to learn that sport, so i went to Lake Garda for two weeks intensive training and than never stopped.

Best windsurfing day in my life: During a nice south swell at the capeverdian island of Boa Vista, endless turns.

Other sponsors beside Fanatic: North, ION, Dwarf8, Chocofins, Dock11,

My Goals: Making people happy on the water during my clinics

My Slogan: Train hard and smart to get to your goal