The Return of Robert Teritihau - At Teahupoo

Earlier in the year Boujmaa Guilloul took on Teahupoo, with a surprise guest. Robert Teritihau stepped back on a windsurf board for the first time in years to attempt to tame this monster wave.

The video may be mostly kiting, but check out the exceptional footage with Bouj and Robert half way through. It’s incredible to see these two ‘crazy’ riders sailing together on one of the gnarliest waves on the planet…

  1. dangledongler

    What. The. Fuck. As the occasional stringcheeser myself, I rarely rag on the tea baggers but no one BUT no one could have made Chopes look as bad as that asshat on a twintip.

  2. Jenksruss

    Kitesurfing rarely impresses me, and even at Teahupoo it failed yet again! Someone should lobby to have “surfing’ taken out of it’s name.

  3. Gaz

    Windsurfers doing proper bottom turns,kirtesurfers look like city boys!!


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