The Wall

Jamie Hancock presents this all action video from Tenerife, with Adam Lewis and Chris Friis. Whilst the contest was on in Cabezo it left only The Wall to sail, luckily the conditions were looking just as good there.

After leaving a strange no wind event in Pozo, I ended up in hanging out in Tenerife with Chris and Adam. With the PWA contest on, the only place to free sail was the harbour wall further down wind from Cabezo. The wall can be a lot of fun and this clip captures a couple of good days there.
Filmed : Jamie Hancock | Bartek Jankowski
Location : El Medano, Tenerife
Date : August 2013
Artists | Tracks:
Loscil – Charlie
White Fence – To The Boy Who Jumped in the Hemlock Alley
Edited : Jamie Hancock
Additional Footage : GoPro Hero 3 / Flymount

The Wall from jamie hancock on Vimeo.