World Championships Warm Up

The Formula windsurfing world championships are just around the corner, with the world’s best racers gathering in Portugal ready to do battle.

The IFCA formula world championships are due to kick off tomorrow  and continue until the 3rd of May, it’s then time for the slalom sailors to take centre stage as they battle it out in their world championships from the 5th May.

More info on the riders to watch out for coming very soon, for now check out the event preview below:

Formula Windsurfing World Championship Terceira Azores 2014 from Gigante Expeditions – Inês on Vimeo.

Training sessions. Equipment test.

Praia da Vitória – Terceira – Azores – Portugal

Carlos Borges, Ross Williams, Casper Bouman, Margit Germany, Arnon Dagan, Janis Preiss, Zelcs Raimonds, Begalli Marco, Stephen Allen,Michael Polanowski, Hubert Mokrzycki, Betti Vainkula.

Music: Salt Water, Zero7

Filmed and edited by: Inês Machado Borges – Gigante Expeditions

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