PWA Bonaire – Girl Chat with Maeli Cherel


With the comp starting tomorrow the girls were busy putting the event stickers on their sails and fine tuning their gear to suit the current forecast.
Most girls will be riding on 90L boards and 17cm or 18cm fins, with the exception of Maaike who will be on the 81L flare, and Francesca who will be riding the 100L RRD.

It was good to see Yoli back on the water again this evening after a week off due to tennis elbow. Despite the fact that it still hurts, and that she says it feels weak, she was still ripping.

All the top riders have now moved into their accommodation at Sorobon Beach Resort- idyllically placed right in front of the beach, with views of beautiful turquoise water.

When I asked around, the girls said they were really excited about the event. I’m a bit nervous to be honest. This will be my first PWA, the girl’s level is high, and I tend to get a bit stressed out during heats so I need to remember to stay focused and positive.
In preparation Oda and I went shopping for some competition power food…the chocolate and redbull is all Oda’s by the way

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