PWA Bonaire – Girl Chat with Maeli Cherel

Day 1

We are back. If you missed it then here is your run down of some incredible freestyle action that has been taking place amongst the ladies over the weekend, we pass back over to Maeli.

The tents and stage seemed to have appeared overnight, just in time for registration this morning. All the competitors have now registered and are waiting for the skippers meeting, which will take place in a few hours. The wind is light this morning, giving the girls some time to finish stickering their sails and relax before it all starts. Sarah Quita is listening to her morning music, zouk, hyping herself up for the competition. She seems pretty relaxed and on form!

Day 1 came to an end with an impressive opening ceremony under a beautiful sunset. The wind was too light to run any heats today but with the forecast looking amazing the next few days all the girls were more than happy to wait till tomorrow. It looks like the ladies will kick-off at around 1. It’s gonna be a tough competition, and a good show!

Stay tuned…