PWA Bonaire – Girl Chat with Maeli Cherel

Day 3

Yesterday was an exciting day for the girls. Maaike made her way up to 2nd place after beating Maxime, Oda, Yoli and Arrianne. The 16 year old was on fire landing all her moves consistently and super smoothly. After sailing 5 heats almost in a row, the young girl was pretty tired during her heat against the freestyle queen Sarah-Quita who was again putting on angreat performance. I’ll be catching up with Maaike a bit later on to get her thoughts on yesterdays amazing performance.

The wind this morning is really strong again, and hopefully it stays like this for the women’s heats which are due to start in about two hours and a half.

Right my turn to go freesailing. Catch ya in a bit.

Stay tuned…

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