PWA Tenerife Day One – Top 4 Highlights

The first day here in Tenerife saw the first round of the Young Guns competition completed and the start of the women’s single elimination.

Here’s the Boardseeker highlights of the day:

1. An action packed Young Guns competition saw Pare taking first, Voecker in second, Cordier in third with Haggstrom in fourth. A brilliant display of forwards, backloops and solid wave riding from all the finalists.

2. Sarah-Quita’s shaka... Lady SQ is already showing what she’s made of in the waves, as she busted out a quick shaka in her first heat. This, combined with some incredible backside hits and great forwards, saw her moving through heat one with ease. We cannot wait to see her take on the reining champion Daida Moreno in the next women’s heat.

3. Girls, girls, girls. Not only is the level of the women’s fleet rising, but so are the numbers. Over 20 women in Pozo and Tenerife, the future is looking bright for this side of the sport.

4. Proffitt becomes cupid on the livestream. Tune in all week for shout outs from Proffitt for the single PWA riders, recently spotted on Tinder. Nope, we’re not even joking.

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