Save Access To Kanaha Beach For Windsurfers

Whilst to world has been focusing on the recent JP Aloha Classic over at Ho’okipa on Maui, more news has come to light from the island which is more of a concern to windsurfers. It appears that the state of Hawaii are trying to close access to Kanaha beach for most water users, including windsurfers and SUPers, in favour of more swimming only zones.

If enforced, this will see many of the Kanaha beaches loved by windsurfers from around the world being closed, however you can help save the beaches by signing this petition. Check out the full information below, and to sign the petition click here.

Kanaha, loved by all levels of windsurfer from pro level wavesailor to beginner...
Kanaha, loved by all levels of windsurfer from pro level wavesailor to beginner…

“State DOBOR is considering enforcing a 25 year old rule that would block the current access for most water users from over 3000 feet of Kanaha beach shoreline.

“The current level of access has been enjoyed by generations of surfers, windsurf, kayak, outrigger canoe, standup, fishermen, and divers. The current arrangement has been accepted by the community for 25 years. There was a good balance that made sense with different areas designated to their most suitable uses. The Old rule that was intended to create exclusive swim zones located close to the lifeguard tower, and the current swim zone (marked by buoys) has been used and respected for two and a half decades. Also several years ago the lifeguard tower was moved and since then the life guards themselves have set up a new swim zone, adjacent to the camp ground, right next to the new tower. This arrangement also works very well, but this new swim zone would also be lost if the old rules aren’t changed. If this happens access will be blocked for a huge part of the shoreline and most of the user groups will be displaced. This will lead to overcrowding and potential problems in the remaining areas. We want the DOBOR to change the outdated rules to reflect the current use, and officially recognize the new swim zone as well. Please help protect ocean access for all water sports users at Kanaha Beach.”

  1. Leon

    ….what are the joys of swimming in 20+ knots winds?

  2. Wylie Dallen

    We bought property in Mauilargly on the windsurfing at Kanaha. There are numerous friends that visit primarly to windsurf injecting a signiicant amount of money into the local economy. I have never witnessed a confrontation between windsurfers and swimmers. There are seldolm people swimming to begin with but when there are it has never been an issue. I have had local young kids using my board to play on in the area outside the swim zone, it is a good way to interact with some of the local people. It would be very short sited to change the current situation as there are no winners but only loosers.

  3. Andrew Henderson

    Its one of the reason I vacationed in Maui- To windsurf at Kanaha beach. Its the reason I’m planning an annual vacation in Maui – To escape Aussie winter & windsurf at Kanaha beach.

  4. Fred Staff

    Well after further investigation this is a problem which started between a family of swimmers and a few kite boarders. The DOBOR sent agents into the water with dive flags for a sting operation after there were many complaints by local swimmers of kiters not giving proper leeway to them. The DOBOR filmed and ticked many kiters. The swimers have lawyers in line to sue if the state did not respond to the complaint. It is amazing to me that the kiters, whom are allowed to kite near the airport by an exception to an FAA rule would be so rude to anyone.


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