Should Windsurfers Be Fined For High Wind Sailing?!?

An interesting article has come to light, explaining that over in a force 7 in Belgium windsurfers could be fined for taking to the water. The google translated news story can be seen here, but it’s a little confusing (as all online translations are!).

What do you think? Should windsurfers be fined for merely going on the water in dangerous conditions? Or should it be the case that if you have to be rescued in these conditions that you have to pay at least a contribution to your rescue fee?

There is no doubt that windsurfers regularly put themselves in danger, especially of late in the stormy conditions of Europe, but where should the line be drawn? Where do ‘dangerous’ conditions start, is over force 7 a good gauge?

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  1. Russ Jenkins

    Fair on the day that the obese, smokers and alcoholics (to name a few) get charged for their extra burden on the NHS. Until then…

  2. David Swennen Ojito

    Als het echt leuk wordt, nemen ze het gewoon terug af. ID it’s a free world!

  3. Chris Freeman

    I’ll take the fine and keep sailing!

  4. annie

    How can you ask such a question??? we will keep on surfing in strong winds and enjoy it whatever it will cost us! it will always be better than stay on your ass eating and drinking knocking on your bellies!!! I wonder if I will go on reading your articles what a shame!!!

  5. Amy Carter

    Sorry guys, there was a problem with the link to the document and the poll wasn’t showing. All should be updated now.

  6. john

    There should never be a fee for a recues. This leads to people waiting til the last minute to call for help (or not all) as they do not want to pay out unnecessarily and in all these situations time is critical hence the earlier the better. History is full of scenario’s where people havent wanted to pay for a tow etc leading to lives being lost. Anyone with any decency would contribute something after being rescued even if it’s just some beers and a thankyou.

  7. Rich

    Who defines ‘dangerous conditions’? For some people over a force 5 could be considered dangerous. There is also a massive difference in safety depending on the wind direction and wave size.

  8. Fer

    Totally agree with Jhon, pay for a rescue leads to people waiting til the last minute. Is better to pay a couple of gas liters for a boat or a beer to a friend.

    Besides that Condition can be dangerous at any force. It strongly depend on the skills of sailor and manteinance of equipment.

  9. Justin

    Force 7 is not that windy anymore, pretty normal windsurfing conditions. But in my opinion, if you are going out windsurfing you should not be expecting to get rescued if something goes wrong. Assess the conditions before you go out and work out in your head what you will do if something does go wrong. In any location or conditions I have windsurfed I have always believed it will be (and has been!) up to me to save myself.

  10. Jean Marc

    Is windsurfing a crime ? Apparently so in southern France at Port-la-Nouvelle, at Kanaha Beach Park in Maui and now in Belgium. Pathetic. The first security measure for yourself is to wear a helmet and a PFD and always think of a plan B in case things go bad. Do not go out if your skills and gear are not on par with the weather conditions. Paying a fine is not the antidote to treat human stupidity. Education is key.


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