Tenerife Confirmed - But At What Cost?

Until now PWA Tenerife wasn’t confirmed, but now we can announce that it is! The event had been on the calendar but not 100% confirmed, however after a lot of meetings and hard decisions the event will now take place with a reduced prize money for both fleets.

2012 action in Tenerife. but should the event be going ahead this year?
2012 action in Tenerife. but should the event be going ahead this year?

Without a result in Pozo the pressure was on for the Tenerife event to happen, it was taken to a vote and the sailors decided that the event should go ahead for both the men and women. There will be 25000 Euro for men and 5000 Euro for women, 10000 less for each fleet than previously.

But what do you think? Should an event run with reduced prize money? Does this lower the professionalism of an event? There was an option to run the event for men only or women only, would either of these been a better outcome?

PWA rider Thomas Traversa has taken to facebook to share his views…

“Tenerife PWA Wave event is finally confirmed ! Prize money went down from 35000 to 25000 € for us guys, and from 15000 to 5000 € for the girls.

“Now the question is : if your sponsors don’t give you enough money to live even when you are inside the top10, and if at the same time finishing top10 on a PWA event doesn’t even cover your costs for this event ( for an european guy like me, so imagine how it is for someone coming from another continent ! ), how can the PWA be called “professional” windsurfers association ?

“I am not complaining, I am just asking. I am still very very grateful to people like Daniel Bruch, Iballa&Daida, Robert Sand to fight hard to organise us some events, I am not talking about that…

“No wonder if there are no new kids on tour ( except the ones who live on canaries and just have to walk to go to a World Cup event )

“Maybe the solution for us is to make Pizzas on the beach during the event, people always say that Pizzas are a good business.

“PWA : Pizza Windsurfing Association. We don’t even have to change the logo

“p.s: this was obviously decided during a meeting where i didn’t go, so it is my mistake and I am not blaming anyone.”

What do you think?

Should an event take place when there is not enough money to run it to the previously stated levels?

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  1. Ryan Flair

    Pozo not happening is a big loss, they need all the events they can if you want a product to sell to outside sponsors…

  2. Michael Clancy

    Ireland could hold a PWA event at many spots and it is a shame it misses out on the tour because of lack of funding.As elite radical extreme sport windsurfing in the Canaries cost so much to compete in these events as a beginner needs to spend many years on the islands to perfect these radical conditions.25000 Euro a year for training comps etc is a big ask for a sixteen year old and that includes a sponsor support.Now the top guys are finding funding fading away.Another hurdle qualifying and airline baggage costs sees the sport we all love in tough times.Admire those who put their supreme efforts to make it over the last few years onto the PWA.Where is it all leading to and who is talking about it.Thomas you are brave and we spoke in Klitmoller about funding in windsurfing.Staying quiet never solves anything.Sell Red Bull the PWA.

  3. radical Rick

    If they want a job go get a job and let those more hungry into the event – easy choice – who would not running the event help – This year is the best range of events for a good few years. Bullying the few sponsors and organizers prepared to back windsurfing is poor ploy. Give them a show to remember and attract new sponsors to up the money

    1. floozy+loozy

      Radical Rick what you mean by “If they want a job? …ect”

    2. Philippe

      Are you suggesting that the show typically put up by the sailers is not good enough??? You must be out of your mind. The perceived quality of the show essentially depends on the conditions not on the sailers!

  4. floozy loozy

    Radical Rick what you mean by “If they want a job? …ect”

  5. Dan

    The events might not give the prize money needed but won’t that make everyone even more hungry to win?? It’s not a good thing that the prize money is lowered but I think it will push the level through the roof and that will eventually build intrest in the sport, superb decision and well done to everyone that made it happen

  6. Windsurfer

    I disagree with Dan. Lowering the prize money will not push the level through the roof as the full time professionals will not be able to afford their normal training. Nor will decreasing prize money build interest in the sport, as it will not be a financially viable option to compete on the tour if the funding begins to diminish (if one is not able to cover their costs). Every windsurfer windsurfs for the love of the sport rather than the money which is why we still see so many competing despite being squeezed harder and harder it seems.
    I agree the event should run for both males and females, due to the hard work put in by the organisers and competitors and the sponsors they have gained, thanks to them all. It also provides much more publicity than a non event which is surely a good thing.
    With regards to Rick’s comment, surely if those who need to get a job go and those who are ‘more hungry’ for the event compete, then that would mean all the competitors competing are the ones with a good financial background, therefore limiting the talented poorer competitors?
    It is a sad state of affairs and we can only thank those still working to promote windsurfing, organise these events and engage sponsors, we need more people like you!

    1. Philippe

      Not sure I agree with ‘every windsurfer windsurfs for the love of the sport rather than the money’ if this implies that professional windsurfers should compete for free. Sure it is a great sport, where people can follow a passion. But… should not this be true for any work? When one considers work, one inevitably considers money and life style. What is at stake here is the professional status of the windsurf industry and the money flux that are associated with it. Whatever money board manufacturers make, this should be wisely shared between the events, sailers and other types of promotion to ensure a healthy growth.

      There has been a quantum leap in design 10 years ago, which was great… rdm masts, thinner booms, smaller, lighter, faster boards, better sails. I wonder if nowadays the industry needs to invest ‘so much’ (this is the impression I get) in research and development of new boards in every discipline every year? What does the surfing industry do for instance?

  7. goose

    Well… Dan.. don’t you the level is already trough the roof? And do the guys need to pull off before people get more “interest in the sport”, quadrouple loops? I think everybody looks at the PWA guys as a bunch of whiners… but I think the situation is way worse than everyone thinks it is! I guess everyone with rich parents or good background is just really lucky and will be able to afford everything and the people who dont have those means to back them up will not be able to train anywhere because they will have to spend their time working to afford to go to events and there is nothing wrong with working, but also consider that the moment you have a contract with a brand you are also working for them and I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure theres a bit more to it than just surfing and training.

  8. Philippe

    The bottom line being… if the money is not decent enough to make a living, this is not a ‘professional’ event or organisation. It is an amateur, enthusiast league. There cannot be a discussion on that point.

  9. Philippe

    I feel that discussing such thing in a public forum is not the correct platform. Who are we? I am a person with a certain amount of money that I put in windsurfing to a level that is compatible with my job (outside windsurfing) and/or the life style I want for myself and my family. If I have an issue with my employer I discuss it with him, if I have a family issue I discuss it with them. I don’t think it is up to the public to judge what and if ‘sailer so and so’ earns enough money. Such discussion should occur within the windsurf industry itself.

    Thomas T… we love every bit of you. But, being professional does mean that one has to discuss issues with the right persons. I’m not sure this is just about an event.

  10. Philippe

    It’s me again, sorry for the many posts… I’d like to react on the survey question ‘Should an event take place when there is not enough money to run it to the previously stated levels?’ I feel this is highly emotional and not reasonable for a survey. It gives the impression that sailers are being stuffed. No one can agree that any one should be stuffed. I’m puzzled that so many have answered yes. I can only speculate that the survey question has so many implications, which should have been broken down.

    - Was there enough money to organise a healthy ‘professional’ event?
    - How is a healthy ‘professional’ event defined? And therefore, when is the money level unhealthy?
    - What is needed to attract new windsurfers and to sell new kit, etc?
    - How do we recycle old kit?

    Like I said before, in my opinion, these are some of the real questions for the industry.

  11. Philippe

    One last suggestion…

    The Tenerife 2013 event ‘needs’ 10,000€ more to match the previously announced prize money. Why don’t we set up a pledge where every member of the public can sponsor whatever amount he feels is right.

    10,000 enthusiast windsurfers each pledging 1€ could make a happy ending :) on this specific instance. However, the fundamental questions discussed elsewhere remain.

  12. Philippe

    Correction on the last post… Tenerife needs 20k€ i.e. 20,000 enthusiast each pledging 1€.


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