Venezuela and Bonaire on PWA Tour 2014?

The rumour mill is circulating again, this time it’s news that there could be yet more stops on the PWA tour in 2014….

Our sources say that an event in March in Venezuela is likely, it will be for both men and women in slalom and freestyle. With a good organising team of local riders and windsurfing in Venezuela more popular than ever, El Yaque could be a welcome addition to the tour.

Whilst later in the year the tour could head back to Bonaire for a ‘King of the Caribbean’ event, there are less details around this event at the moment, but if it happens we are sure World Champion Kiri Thode will be looking forward to defending his title on home turf.

To remind you of the conditions, here’s a video from local Yoli de Brendt earlier this year in El Yaque…

All information is yet to be confirmed by the PWA, but we will have more details for you very soon.