VIDEO: Japan Wave Action – Meet the local rippers

Japan is starting to appear on the map at the moment, a boom in the windsurfing scene or at least the PR that is coming from there is certainly hard to miss. This latest video features a lot of local riders at the wave spot of Omaezaki. The riders are: Hiromi Satou, Ryouta Kamata, Makoto Higashiyama, Motoko Satou, Masahiro Motohashi, Yoshiaki Nagamatsu, Takuma Fujiwara, Norio Asano, Tomoo Ishihara, Hisataka Ishii, Takahumi Noguchi, Yoshitaka Ikeda and Shigeki Matsui.

Enjoy the action and we look forward to seeing more of these guys entering the PWA this year.

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