VIDEO - Marcilio Browne's Spring Sessions

A lifetime dedicated to windsurfing combined with a natural talent for the sport has resulted in one of the most radical and progressive wave sailors we know. Will he be the force to knock Philip Koester off the podium on this years PWA World Tour, with moves like these and a tour with more variety, we could well see a shift in the ranks. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below…

  1. Ivan

    Koster is best thing that happened to windsurfing since industry changed boards color from yellow to other :)

    Koster is king on on-shore strong wind conditions and best jumper ever. Such a big talent is still very very young, so I believe he will learn and rule all possible conditions. Koster also ispired people to start organizing PWA in other conditions, where he can be beaten, therefore, this and next year is maybe chance for other guys to take his crown, before he starts making wonders on all-shore conditions.

    Brown is one of them :)


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