VOTE: Who Can Make The Ultimate Comeback at Hookipa?

The double elimination of the JP Aloha Classic is about to kick off, make sure you tune into the live action over on our homepage and catch up on all the latest from the event right here on Boardseeker.

With the tension rising, we’ve got to thinking who could we see make a huge comeback? With so many former world champions and title contenders put out of the running early there’s a whole list of names to choose from.

Here’s just a few… have your vote, who do you think will comeback and make the podium in the double elimination of the JP Aloha Classic?

Check out the double elimination ladder on the PWA website here, it may (or may not!) help you decide.

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We haven’t included those already in the top 7, though there is of course a whole host of names just shy of the podium that will be pushing all the way to improve their positions.

Full results from the PWA after the single…

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  1. mille

    Köster, Fernandez, Campello in one heat in the double. The heat of the day in the first round? Köster do the double of the lip :).

    1. Norm Wundersmitt

      A….Yeah. When you blow it in the first round thats where you end up. Stop acting like these guys can wave sail. If its not onshore 50 knots and 2 foot they fall apart.

  2. jake

    Marcillo is surely fired up to come back and rip it a new one. He’s sailing out of his skin at the moment! And this is pretty much his home spot now.

  3. mille

    Would be nice to have a real battle between two of the title contenders up to 5th rank.
    Somehow they have to get past the locals and AWT guys otherwise the world-title race could be decided quite early.
    And I still do believe in Köster…


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