Wed 12th - Thoughts on the new site

Well you may have noticed we are looking a little different here at Exciting stuff, we know. The question still remains, why the change and what is in it for you? Well friends of international windsurfing news, read on.

First and foremost is the look of the website, designed to be more visually appealing and user friendly it allows you to scroll around at ease whether you are on your desktop computer, tablet or other smart modern day device. Yes, can go with you like it has never gone with you before.

What is next?

Well the video player, this was recently revamped. It looks now totally different, loads a lot faster, has a slo-mo button and a 3-second rewind button, which will make watching a specific move over and over again a lot easier. You can even freeze frame and grab a screen shot at the click of a button. It also has a built-in Share-button, which is great to keep the entire online world up to date.

Oh my!

Yes, indeed. Well it doesn’t stop there, that new layout we mentioned also allows you to have more control over the page itself and priority is given to the most important content on the home page. If you are a computer, tablet or smart phone user then the world is yours.

And the content…

The main highlights you will notice is a much bigger podcast player, for now this sits at the bottom of the site so keep scrolling down to check the latest video additions from our very own producer, Alf. Whilst on the subject of video players, we have almost doubled the size of our daily videos which you will find in our News Bulletin section, gone are the days of the magnifying glass. There is plenty more tweaking in the pipeline but in general the content will stay fairly similar with plenty of cool new weekly features and enough daily news that will wet the appetite of even the most hungry. This does make us a little hungrier, we want you to fire in your clips and news so that we can let the world know about it, so be sure to do so.

Just one News Bulletin update a day…

Well yes and no. Yes because the news will physically appear as one post a day, a round up of all the latest happenings around the globe but this will consist of a healthy update with the potential addition of one or two items to that post later in the afternoon, this allows us to bring you more content as it happens. Be sure to keep checking back to see it first.

What now?

Well we want to hear from you, this is one of the final changes you will see, our whole website has been updated to the 21st century, you can literally share a single news story, a video or a whole feature across your facebook/twitter pages. On top of that you can rate and leave your comments about news and features at the bottom of the page.

So, what do you think? Let us know by rating this page and leaving your thoughts below. We welcome all feedback but no spam please and keep it clean.

The Boardseeker News Team

  1. Bouke Becker

    I do not like the daily updates with a summary much. It´s hard to quickly make out if there is anything interesting when visiting after a couple of days and often end up moving on to other sites. I think that posting each news on a continuous roll would be easier to quickly scroll through the news. A bit like the Beach Telegraph used to be. Or your blog news on the right hand side. Well, that used to be on the right hand side. Now it´s Tweets.

    1. John
  2. Haldun

    It’s way better a rss would be useful though!


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