Yarden Meir Moves to Goya

Progressive and stylish, Yarden Meir has just announced that he is stoked to join the Goya family. At the moment just a few pictures, which you can check out over the next few pages, in the meantime a few words from Yardi himself.

I arrived in Sardinia on the 23rd and the wind is already blowing, the conditions are perfect! I’m staying with my friend Gigi, who helps me a lot with everything.
The most exciting thing of all though is that I’m happy to announce that I have joined the GOYA team! It’s a dream coming true for me to join the best team in the world and to help GOYA be more visible in the freestyle scene. The gear works great!

I will also make a video soon and release many pics via facebook. So stay tuned to my page for updates.

I will stay in Sardinia until the EFPT event in Podersdorf, and will train hard.

I will keep you all updated how it goes. – Yardi

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