The Test Quiver

When testing it’s important to eliminate as many variables as possible. For this test
we chose to use identical Fanatic boards in a range of sizes and styles to get the best
picture of how the sails perform. We would like to thank Fanatic for lending us Quad
79 and Twin 86 boards to conduct the testing.

Still on the subject of equipment, it’s extremely important to be able to quickly readjust
each sail at the water’s edge, so that we can pinpoint its best setting(s). For this
purpose nothing comes close to the North Power XT RDM extensions for ease of use
and quick adjustment. Thanks to North Sails for their help in getting our Clone test
team geared up with these.




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Our test team chose
2011 Goya Eclipse

Boardseeker Test Team powered by North Power XT

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CREDITS: Simon Crowther
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