Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the test Clones?

The Clones are our test team and abilities range from World Tour competitor to beginner windsurfer, depending upon the requirement we have for the test that we are conducting. For more info on The Clones, check here.

Where is the testing carried out?

Testing is carried out in North Wales (UK), using 4 main venues; West Shore Llandudno, Rhosneigr, Hells Mouth & West Kirby. These venues offer everything from a flat water speed course to down the line wave sailing. If necessary, the test will travel to other locations when required.

Why use a test quiver?

There are so many variables in windsurfing that we feel it is important when testing to minimise these variables as much as possible. When testing boards, we will use identical test rigs to ensure that the rig is playing no part in any differences established. When testing rigs, we use identical boards for the same reason. We also have a set of quiver fins for each test that we use to determine how different fins will affect the boards that we are testing.

Do you try all the boards with different fins?

We have to be realistic with the time it takes to work through a test. In an ideal world, we would try all combinations of every product, in reality, this is not possible. Boards are tested using their standard fin. If we find a deficiency in the boards performance, then we will use a quiver fin to assess whether it can be helped by using a different size or shape of fin.

Is the testing influenced by advertising?

The advertising situation always puts magazines in a difficult position when it comes to testing. For example your best advertiser is never going to be happy if you find their board to be deficient in some way. Proceeding with a report of complete honesty is only going to be detrimental to income and as such most magazines are willing to ‘give’ to some extent. At Boardseeker, we have decided to take an honest approach to testing. No matter how well or badly a company advertises with us, their products will be tested fairly and without bias and the results reported as such. However we do wish to reward our advertisers for their support they give us. As such, we offer ‘Extra Information’ at the bottom of each test report for advertising brands only. Within this Extra Information box a brand can respond formally to the test, provide links to web pages, photo galleries, videos, dealer lists and any other material that may be useful to our readers. Brands that do not advertise with us are not permitted to respond formally to our test reports and will not benefit from this extra information. The testing process however remains un-biased.

What do you mean by 'Board Feel' ?

Board Feel – We define the ride as being either ‘passive’ or ‘active’:

  • Passive: + Board is easily balanced and rides without much rider input, - Not as exciting to sail and less scope for experienced riders to extract extra performance
  • Active: + Exciting, lively feel and can allow experienced riders to work the board for extra performance, - Could be a little too frantic for riders looking for an easier board to sail

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