Face to Face

Face to Face with Jose Gollito Estredo and Andre Paskowski

We caught up with two of the biggest
names in windsurfing right now; four
times Freestyle World Champion and
winner of the first stop of the PWA in
Podersdorf, Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo and
windsurfing film producer Andre
Paskowski. The two are really close
friends and spend a lot of time on
projects together, so we sat them
down on a hammock at Podersdorf
and got them to ask each other

Andre: Ok Gollito, ask me some personal questions.

Gollito: Like what? Are you ok?

Andre: *Laughs*… yes not so bad, I’m too hot, a little sun burnt from filming and quite tired. I was in hospital just yesterday. How was last night for you?

Gollito: Yeh it was good, not too much party, just enough. How was your holiday here?

Andre: It was really good, when I left Hamburg it was raining and now here it is 30 degrees everyday and I’m super happy that you won the contest. It was a good day and week for me to see you winning, it was really nice, especially after only one month of training during this winter. And for you, how was the first contest of the year?

Gollito: Yeh I think it was good, a great start to the year and it was amazing to be in the final with Taty, to beat him and take the event win. It makes me motivated for the next event, I’m ready for it. How was your sail yesterday?

Andre: I tried to sail yesterday, it was very light, not the best but the sails were nice. I was filming also and it was incredibly gusty, it is amazing how they can do the moves in these conditions. Two years ago when I was competing they could maybe do these moves in the flattest water, now they do it in gusty shifty winds. So yeh, yesterday I went for a sail and it was light, gusty and really quite difficult to sail. So Gollito, what do you do now, after the event?

Gollito: Well I pack up all my kit and then tonight I go celebrate my victory with all the guys. Next I will go to Egypt for the freestyle and freeride photo shoot and a bit more training. Ok so what do I ask?

Andre: I don’t know try something like do you make a movie for me next or for Steven? *Laughs*

Gollito: You film a lot, what do you want to do with all this?

Andre: Well I like filming, it is hard to get the right move, the right light, the right angle, so I enjoy this challenge. I’m keen to do shorter movies instead of full size projects. I would really like to travel with the guys, and enjoy each trip a little more with perhaps less stress and yeh we hope there are some events coming up and we want to make a kick ass freestyle movie. Let’s see how it pans out… and you are you motivated for a movie?

Gollito: Yes, for sure, I want to do it. I want to do more crazy moves you know, continue to push the level.

Editor: Have you got anything in mind?

Gollito: No not that I can say……

Editor: What about your video from Margarita? What did you learn on the day you filmed?

Gollito: Yeh this was all filmed in one day, we filmed real quick. I trained hard the last two days before the day we filmed. I landed a lot of new stuff in those three days, but the last day I could do everything.

Andre: It was really amazing, I got all the footage and there was only 5/6 moves we took out, everything was really good. Even those 5/6 moves that we took out, he also landed! Do you (Gollito) just practice on the flat or also in the chop?

Gollito: Yeh I practice on the flat to learn the moves then go and sail most of my time in the chop. It is a great place to learn there and it means I can make the moves in places like this (Austria)…

Andre: Where shall we go to film the movie?

Gollito: I don’t know… CROATIA… or Columbia.

Andre: I don’t know, I would like to see Indonesia, maybe it is good there. Columbia could be good but I think now the season has finished. Why did you change your sail number from V01 to V10?

Gollito: Because I wanted to make something different.

Andre: *grinning* Did you change from the V1 to get one world title, now you have V10 to get ten world titles?

Gollito: I don’t know, I don’t think about that, it was more just for the change, there are some players in football, baseball and other sports who are all number 10.

Andre: What do you eat here everyday, are you like Lance Armstrong, professional and always eating carbs, going to bed early?

Gollito: *smiles* Chilli Con Carne, no I eat everything. I only go out after the competition days or when the forecast is for no wind the next day. I don’t realy drink before any possible days of wind and get to bed a bit earlier.

Andre: I think it is pretty unbelievable that all the competitors live in the same way, go partying, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot then you compare it to the cyclists, the footballers, it is a totally different world. But I don’t think it should be changed, this is what the public come to these events to see, to have a chance to mingle with the stars at the parties, then see them walking around in their board shorts everyday and not all dressed up in suits going from one interview to the next and being protected by body guards. It is the lifestyle that people enjoy. What do you think of the tow-in Gollito, is the scoring right, is it still early days?

Gollito: Yeh for sure it is early days, it will definitely get better. In my opinion maybe they were wrong at this one, but at the next there will be more experience to go on.

Andre: But it was a good show and the final was super high level. What was the move you did?

Gollito: The first was an air burner 720 and then the next was an air funnel into burner.

Editor: Thanks for the interview, good luck this year to both of you and see you soon.

Andre/Gollito: Thanks.



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