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Severne Blade 4.7



Severne Blade 4.7

Severne blade 4.7 2009

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Severne offer 2 wave sails within their range. They have the Blade (tested here) and the S1. The Blade is the softest, more forward pulling and slightly fuller of the two, whilst the S1 is more rigid in feel, pulls from further back and has a slightly flatter profile. Having spoken to a few Severne team riders about the difference between the two ranges, it seems that choice comes down to preference of feel. As Scott McKercher (down the line ripper) and Nayra Alonso (light weight PWA ladies star) both choose the Blade, we decided to put the Blade into our 4.7 test. The S1 will be tested in our 5.3 all-round/power wave test next month.


"The ultimate blend of power and control, the Blade drives power down, powering the board through every turn with absolute precision. Durability is another key feature of this sail. The new full X-Ply construction features a bombproof Spectra foot panel, an upgraded KS Optic X-Ply window and the Aramid reinforced MetaleX II material" – Severne Website

The Blade has the longest luff length in the test at 420cm, combined with a moderate to short boom length of 161cm. 

It sets with a good amount of fullness in the battens and a fairly loose leach at the head, getting progressively tighter down the sail.

The Blade looks a well-built sail with lots of nice features such as the padded foot protector, decent pulley block (for downhauling), prongless adjustable head cap (our favoured system) and rubber badge above the boom cut-out (to hold it open whilst sleeving the mast).

On the water, the Blade is a powerful sail with a fair degree of pre-set shape in it. In the hands, it feels slightly on the firmer side of this group of sails and is slightly more forward pulling than average.

Thanks partly to it's firmer feel, it’s a very stable sail in the hands. The top end is limited not by instability, but simply an abundance of power with which your body weight and strength will dictate the limit.

Bottom end power is very good (beaten only by the Boxer and Ego). Don’t be fooled by the slightly lighter feel in your hands (due to the forward pull), the Blade has a lot of power thanks to the fuller, firmer profile.

Compared to the Icon, the Severne feels slightly fuller and more drivey lower down in the sail but slightly looser in the head. It also pulls just slightly further forward. Power delivery is a little smoother in the hands, but the compromise is a slightly clunkier feel in rotation and a more a noticeable on-off power delivery (which some sailors may prefer).

The Blade is a powerful, firmer feeling sail offering good stability with a slightly more ‘locked in’ feeling than other sails in this test. It has a slightly forward pulling feel, which makes it nice and light in your hands. The Blade maintains good stability throughout the wind range although it may be a little too powerful for some at the top end.