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Simmer Mission 4.7



Simmer Mission 4.7

Simmer mission 4.7 2009

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The Simmer Mission is available in both monofilm and X-Ply versions (Mission X). It fits in the Simmer range as the hardcore wave sail and compliments the Icon (all round wave) and Iron (power wave).

R + S

"The Simmer Style heritage runs deep in this wave sail, this is the modern day version of the same sail that dedicated wavesailors and Simmer Style founders Klaus and Malte Simmer used to tear up Ho'okipa Beach Park with back in the day. We've constantly refined this sail over the years to make it the best wave sail around whether it was 1981 with tie-on booms at Ho'okipa or its 2009 with carbon masts and twin fins" – Simmer Website

Like the Simmer Icon, the Mission is another good looking sail, standing out graphically on the water and also on the beach thanks to the good attention to detail that Simmer have put into this sail. The luff length is one of the longest in this group at 416cm, whilst the boom length is the shortest in test at 158cm.

The downhauling pulley block is decent and fit for the job. We liked the prongless fixed head system, which makes life simpler when it comes to rigging and also the plastic badge above the boom cut-out which helps to keep the sleeve open when threading the mast. Simmer don’t offer a visual trim system on the sail and we found that whilst the Mission does have some flexibility with tuning, it doesn’t match the Icon for versatility.

The Mission is noticeably different to the Icon on the water. It is very light in the hands and very forward pulling (jointly the most forward pulling sail in test). It stands unique from other sails in the test, because it retains a healthily firm feel in the hands, whereas the other forward pulling sails in this test are very much softer in feel. Note that we have the monofilm version in test, and would expect the X-Ply version (Mission X) to be a bit softer in feel and not quite as light and responsive in the hands.

There is no doubt that the Mission is an excellent down the line wave sail. It feels very manoeuvrable in the hands and de-powers incredibly easily. Lighter sailors may find a reasonable degree of all-round performance from it as well.

However, if you weigh much over 70kg and sail in cross/cross on conditions you are probably going to get a lot more out of the Icon. The Icon offers more tunability, more power and ultimately more range.

The Mission feels like a very refined, high quality sail. In down the line wave conditions, the forward pull, light feel and manoeuvrability in the hands make the sail a real favourite. Sailors over 70kg looking also for performance in cross-on conditions will be better choosing the Icon.