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Fanatic Newwave Twin 79



Fanatic Newwave Twin 79

Fanatic newwave twin 79 2010

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Fanatic are into their second year with their NewWave twin and have made some tweaks this year aimed at improving the turning ability and control of the board.

As always, the Fanatic Team Edition boards are impressively light and despite being the highest volumed board in test (79 litres) the NewWave weighs in as the second lightest twin fin.

We were concerned that the Fanatic would be a little too big against the competition in this test, but quickly found that despite its quoted size, the board feels smaller and performs on par with the other 75 liter boards. The board was comfortable for our 80kg Clones with 5.3-3.7m sails.

In a straight line the Fanatic is extremely fast, arguably the fastest board in test here when fully wound up. It also benefits at the top end from the added control that the twin fin set-up offers allowing you to use a slightly bigger board in windier conditions. We did find the ride a little friskier than most of the other boards in test here. The nose is quite low and the tail one of the narrowest which certainly gives it a more lively feel, particularly when headed broad off the wind where it doesn’t feel quite as ‘locked down’ as some of the boards at speed.

The Fanatics strength is its all-round appeal, from side-on to side-off and from small to large waves, the Fanatic is a great all-round performer.

Last year we had an occasional issue in the bottom turn with the NewWave twin. This year there is no sign of this and the bottom turn is one of the smoothest and grippiest in the test.

The NewWave feels longer, narrower and gunnier than most of the boards in this test. On the wave it is smooth and more agile than the single fins in test, but not quite as tight turning, particularly off the top, as the other twin fins.

The standard of detail and fittings is to the usual high standard that we have come to expect from Fanatic. The pads are extremely soft and comfortable, although their smooth texture does offer a little less grip than others.

We actually tried this board with a set of 15cm fins (instead of the standard 16's) and really liked the way it performed. Still grippy enough in a straight line (with 5.0m and less) but more agile on the wave.


The NewWave twin is a great all-round wave board with plenty of performance to offer throughout a huge range of wind and wave conditions, particularly in down the line conditions. It’s very quick in a straight line, although not quite as settled as some of the other boards underfoot. Don’t be put off by the quoted volume of 79 litres as the Fanatic feels more like 75 litres underfoot.