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JP Kauli Twin 74



JP Kauli Twin 74

Jp kauli twin 74 2010

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This year JP have quite an offering of wave boards in their range. There is the Wave (single fin), Polakow Twin, Kauli Twin (tested here) and the Kauli Quad (same board as the twin but with Quad fin set-up). The Kauli Twin is aimed at all-round wave sailing.

It doesn't take long on the JP to realise that they have a very good board here. Some boards you get on and they instantly just work and the Kauli Twin is one of those boards.

In a straight line it has very good speed (not quite as fast as the Fanatic Twin, but plenty fast enough). However, what is noticeable is how comfortable the board is at speed where it has a really stable, locked down feel to it. It also feels nicely compact underfoot with a higher riding nose, which gives it a very secure and controlled ride.

Where most twins need to be sailed more off the front foot and suffer a little when underpowered, the JP has very good drive from the tail/fins and is easy to get going. It's not quite as drivey as the very impressive Quatro Tempo, but where the JP loses on drive to the Tempo, it makes up for on the wave in side-shore conditions (more on this later). Compared with the single fin JP Wave, the Twin only really loses out on straight line performance when underpowered. You have to be a bit lighter on your back foot and more light footed to get it planing and upwind.

An 80kg rider could expect to use this board comfortably with 3.7 up to 5.0m sails (and 5.3m at a push)

In cross-on wave riding conditions, the JP scores as our joint favourite with the Quatro Tempo. Both are superb boards, offering fantastic performance in cross-on conditions. Separating the two, the JP can turn a little bit tighter than the Quatro (particularly in the bottom turn), but doesn't hold speed quite as well. Within this group, the JP scores so well because it holds speed well through the turn, is predictable, agile through the turns and versatile on the top turn. Whether you choose to grip or slide through your top turn, the JP is happy to deliver either in control.

For cross-off riding, the JP has a really surfy, flowing feel to it. It feels short and compact and is very versatile through the turns allowing you to link shorter turns on the face or pull out in front and carve hard back into the section. It always feels secure through the turns and never once let us down in the bottom turn. The JP therefore scored joint 3rd for side-shore riding (beaten only by the Quatro Rhythm and Goya Twin).

As we have come to expect from JP, the quality of detail and fittings is extremely high. The fins match the board well and the pads and straps are very good, albeit a little harder than most.


The JP Kauli Twin 74 is a superb all-round wave board with very good straight-line performance for a twin fin, combined with a compact surfy feel on the wave. It really is hard to find much to fault with the JP. It scores highest in the group for cross-on riding and is right up there for side-shore riding also.