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Quatro Rhythm 75

Quatro rhythm 75 2010

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The 2010 Quatro Rhythm 75 is actually the same board as the 2009 Twin Fin 75 that did so well in last years 75 litre all-round wave board test. The only differences are a change of graphics, the mast track has been shifted slightly forward and the board sports some much improved MFC footstraps.

Like last year, when it comes to early planing you could sail this board all day and not feel hard done by, but if you step off a board like the Tempo, the Rhythm’s bias towards wave riding performance, rather than blasting, becomes very evident. You have to be that much lighter on your back foot and you will really notice the lack of drive off the fins (and upwind ability) in the lulls. That said, once powered-up, the Rhythm has a very comfortable ride and great top end control. This board can happily be sailed with a 3.5m if needs be.

In cross-on conditions, the Quatro needs speed and power to perform at its best. With a good rider who can generate and maintain speed through turns in cross-on conditions the Quatro will deliver some of the best turns in the business.

Twin fins seem to offer a lot more control and looseness off the top and the Quatro 75 is certainly no exception! In more marginal conditions and with riders not so competent at maintaining speed through their turns, the Quatro loses some of its magic and other boards in the group such as the Tempo will deliver better performance.

Last year we claimed that this board was probably the best cross-off riding board, without exception...this year only the Goya comes close to challenging within this test. The bigger the waves, the better the Goya gets (thanks to its grip and smoothness), but in smaller waves (up to logo) the Quatro still has it in our opinion thanks to its ability to maintain speed through the turns and versatility of turning style.

Where some boards carve hard through the first part of the bottom turn and then fizzle out, the Quatro just keeps turning, allowing you to get as vertical as you like. It’s such a versatile board on the wave face. From fast-flowing linked turns to snappy full radius top turns, the Quatro gives you maximum chance of doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time. Absolutely awesome!


Well, the board hasn’t really changed from last year and neither has its positioning within the test. The Rhythm is an absolutely awesome down the line wave board and for advanced sailors a pretty great all-rounder too. If you don’t think you are quite good enough for it, or you sail more in cross-on conditions, go for the Tempo!