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Gun Future


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Manufacturer's claims

“The Future combines uncomplicated windsurfing with a sporty character and it shows really amazing planing abilities. It starts immediately and discards any notion of a speed limit.” –


on the beach

Despite the price the Gun looks like a quality product, and it’s pretty clear that plenty of thought has gone into the detailing of the sail.

The Future has by far the shortest luff length (465cm) of all the sails in this test, combined with a moderate boom length (201cm). Where it stands out, however, is when you lay the sails on top of each other and see just how wide the head is. As with last year’s design it still has quite a wide, ‘boxy’ head shape.

A visual trim system similar to North’s is offered on the Future, and in our opinion it’s by far the best system on the market at the moment. The recommended set seemed to be pretty accurate and worked well through a wide range of conditions. For stronger winds you can apply a little more downhaul than recommended, and for maximum grunt in the lightest of winds, just a little less.



on the water

This year’s sail is quite different and actually a nice improvement on the model we tested last year. As a freeride sail with an emphasis on blasting rather than manoeuvres, the Future hits the spot perfectly – it has a great blasting feel to it. It’s really stable, with the pull forward and low down, but still with enough softness in the sail to keep it very user-friendly.

The Future is a very passive sail in the hands. You don’t have to constantly trim and adjust it, you just hook in, hold on, and the sail does all the work for you. This is very noticeable and definitely a great characteristic. It’s a very easy sail to go fast on as the pull position locks the board down nicely, and the sail sits comfortably and keeps pulling from the front even in the gusts.

It is slightly heavier in the hands than others on test, and that easy performance does mean that for some sailors it won’t be quite as responsive and offer as much feedback as some of the other sails. You can’t have it both ways though!

The slight lack of feel, forward pull and softer leech means that at the bottom end the Future isn’t quite as ‘drivey’ as a few of the other sails within this group. It’s not bad by any means, but is certainly at its best when powered up.


overall impression

If your focus is more on blasting than manoeuvres the Gun is a great choice, particularly if you like a sail that does most of the work for you. The Gun really is a great performer and one of the easiest sails in this group to go fast on.