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NeilPryde Tempo


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manufacturer's claim

“It’s windsurfing pure and simple, an easy rig and an easy ride. Better still, it’s a front row experience at a back seat price. If you’re an ambitious beginner or an intermediate looking to accelerate the learning curve, Tempo has your name on it.” –

on the beach

Once again NeilPryde excel when it comes to making great looking sails. In the bright red colour scheme supplied it was always one of the most distinctive sails on the water.

With its radical compact clew (designed to improve twist, overpowered performance and handling) it certainly looks distinctive. The Tempo has the shortest boom length in test, and with the relatively high-cut foot, definitely has leanings towards handling and manoeuvrability.

The sail is extremely light weight, which is noticeable as soon as you pick it up. Even in its lighter wind setting the Tempo rigs with quite a loose leech, particularly between the top two battens. In its stronger wind setting the head is extremely loose and is prone to a bit of leech flutter at the top end of its wind spectrum.

on the water

The word ‘light’ keeps popping up with this sail, and it’s no wonder. It’s the singlemost defining factor of this sail over the others and is the first thing that you notice when you use it.

Similar to the Gaastra and North, the Pryde encourages the rider into a more upright stance. It feels very responsive in the hands and is the most ‘active’ sail in this group in terms of responding to and requiring the rider’s input.

At the bottom end there is plenty of power, but be aware that the lightness in the hands can be misleading, making the sail feel less powerful. At the top end the sail remains very light, but can feel a little back-handed. It’s not bad enough to become a struggle, but it does tend to start lifting the board more than the other sails. You have to have a lot of downhaul on the Tempo to get it to release properly at the top end. The setting we used was still within the recommended range and in terms of performance worked well – but be prepared for some leech flutter!

For manoeuvres the Tempo was jointly the best in this test. The short boom, high foot, light feel and easy rotation all contributed to the sail’s success in this department.

overall impression

The Tempo offers a perfect blend of manoeuvre and blasting capabilities. Extremely light in the hands and offering a decent wind range, it should appeal to all abilities of user from improver to advanced freerider.