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manufacturer's claims

"The larger sizes of the Gator feature a lower foot, more powerful profile and the lightest construction of the Gator line. This orients the sail towards speed, stability and early planing combined with the distinct Gator throw-around feel.”–

on the beach

The first thing we have to say about this sail is that it looks the business! The orange and black colour scheme with the gradient fade over the sail looks absolutely amazing and really stands out from the rest of the pack.

The Gator is the most compact of the sails in this group with the second shortest luff and the shortest boom (thanks to the massive compact clew). It’s also incredibly lightweight, but with a build quality that looks top notch.

It sets extremely full (more so than any of the other sails) and with quite a loose head. No matter how hard you try with downhaul or outhaul, that fullness stays there. It’s clearly designed to be a sail with a lot of shape in it.

on the water

The Severne has a very unique feel to it within this group. It has a lot of shape and a huge amount of power, but it is combined with an unbelievably light feel and a relatively soft power delivery. This is actually quite an unusual combination of characteristics for a sail, but certainly not a bad one!

At the top end you might worry that the sail is going to become uncontrollable with all that power, but strangely the light weight and easy handling actually make it quite easygoing. It certainly has power in abundance, and lighter riders (less than 80kg) will probably feel that the sail has more to offer at the top end, but they simply aren’t heavy or strong enough to realise its full potential. Nevertheless, it remains totally controllable and stable for lighter riders, even when completely overpowered. You just might not be able to sheet it in enough to reach its top speed!

The light wind performance is also very good thanks to the Gator’s light weight feel and grunt factor. It’s a little bit softer and springier than most, so you get a good feel for the wind and generally it strikes a very good compromise between getting onto the plane and staying there, with good glide ability through the lulls.

In manoeuvres and transitions the fullness counts against the sail a little, but the overall lighter weight, shorter boom and relatively high-cut foot are all plus points that make it a pretty decent sail for throwing around.

overall impression

The Gator is a powerful sail that pins the board down well in a straight line with a great locked-in feel. It is extremely light in the hands and the power is delivered in a very easygoing way, with quite a soft, springy feel to it. The Gator is a unique sail in terms of feel, but one that will appeal to many people.