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Goya One 85



Goya One 85

Goya one 85 2009

Bump & Jump

High Wind Freeride


The Goya One has developed a solid reputation for itself as a highly sought after Freewave board...and deservedly so.  For 2009 the One looks slightly more wave orientated with a more shapely nose and the loss of its stepped tail.

The 2009 One definitely comes from a heritage of wave sailing.  Some of the boards in this group feel like maneuver orientated freeride boards whereas the One almost feels like a big wave board.  Its not quite a big wave board however as there is a fair amount of straight line performance and ‘ease of use’ factored into the shape which opens the board up to a much wider range of conditions and skill sets.

In high wind freeride conditions, the One is probably at its least comfortable against the competition here.  It works fine, with decent speed and good ‘get up and go’ but doesnt lock down and blast like some of the other boards. It also lacks an outboard strap option for this purpose.  Which gives an indication that the board wasn’t really designed for this purpose!

Bump & Jump conditions is where the One excels.  This board doesn't need to be locked down with a committed blasting stance.  Instead the rider can stay a bit more neutral and is rewarded with good speed, great maneuverability and decent freestyle potential.

In waves, the One is very good.  Its not quite as loose and snappy as the Kode, but is perhaps more grippy and predictable in the turns.  It feels quite a wide board and cant quite match the tight turning potential of a big wave board, but certainly doesnt suffer the bounce and control issues that some Freewaves suffer from in higher speed bottom turns.

Overall the One is a more wave oriented freewave board than most in this group.  That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be an accomplished wave sailor to buy one, but you should definitely be the sort of person who wants to get their thrills from wave riding, turning and going for moves, rather than just blasting past your mates.