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Quatro Freestylewave 85



Quatro Freestylewave 85

Quatro freestylewave 85 2009

Bump & Jump

High Wind Freeride


When we saw team rider James Cox rip his way through the double elimination in Tiree on a Quatro Freestylewave in cross-off 5.0m conditions, there was no doubt that this was going to be a great riding board! But would it have the talents required to be a great all-round Freewave board?

Well, as a high wind freeride board, its not bad. It has good control, feels nicely balanced and whilst it isn’t of the ‘locked down’ blasting nature, it also doesn’t feel purely like a big wave board. It strikes a nice compromise. Adequately fast, comfortable but still with a good dose of maneuverability in the ride.

In bump and jump conditions, the Quatro starts to feel at home. It has plenty of lift in the nose which gives it a very safe ride through chop. The control is very good (despite the gigantic 28cm fin) and it has a feel to it that really makes you want to throw it around and try new moves.

The waves however is where the Quatro really shines, ranking as our joint favorite board with the Starboard. It grips, turns tightly and holds speed really well through the turns, delivering a performance that could rival many wave boards of this size.

Overall, on flatter water the Quatro performs well, but with an emphasis on control, comfort and maneuverability rather than all out speed. The wavier it gets, the more at home the Quatro is, and in proper wave conditions shows a clean pair of heels to everything in the test (jointly with the Starboard).

We would recommend purchasing a smaller (23cm) fin for higher wind/wave use.