The end has reached us

Half fortune and half not fortune the final day of the German PKRA was graced with a couple of hours worth of wind.  Two further rounds of the women were completed and three rounds of the men.

Aaron Hadlow seemed to be on form and was by far killing it on the water in his first two rounds, but in his heat against Naish rider Rui Meira both were landing wrapped mobe 7\’s, kite loop handle passes, mobe 5\’s and various other handle passes.  It was neck and nect all the way through and it appeared on the beach that Aaron had the edge.  This wasn\’t the thought of the judges and Rui took Aaron out of the contest.  Leaving Aaron off the podium and in 7th place.

Other charger from the men\’s was Etienne Lhote (F One).  Until 10am this morning he was going to take his early flight home, but with the appearence of wind on the way he decided to stay!  A good choice on his part because while Rui was taking Aaron Hadlow out of the competition Etienne was taking on Kevin Langeree (Naish) who is currently 2nd in the rankings.  Etienne was due to on Rui next round.

For the girls I (Jo Wilson – Naish) made it through my next heat to then come up against Angela Peral (North), but the wind gods weren\’t on our side.  They hit the off button and no sooner did the buzzer go to begin our heat our kites fluttered to a peaceful rest on the ground.  The competition was then stopped and for 2 further hours we were ready to hit the water at the first sign of wind.

The only sign that graced the shores of St Peter Ording after this was a huge black cloud containing thunder and lightning and a hell load of rain!  The rain I\’m sure a parting gift from the Germans to bid us farewell after our fantastic 10 days here.  I come in equal 5th with Angela Peral, Jalou Langeree (Naish) and Victoria Boesko (Naish) and Etienne Lhote and Rui Meira also take joint 5th place.

The final results = as per the single elimination


1st Youri Zoon (Slingshot)

2nd Petr Tyrbushki (Cabrinha)

3rd Alvaro Onieva (Best)


1st Bruna Kajiya (Best)

2nd Ania Grzelinska (North)

3rd Kristin Boese (Best)


So after the storm a few days back there has been no wind at all to continue the freestyle at the 6th round of the PKRA.  In fact there has been near enough no wind at all and so riders have been keeping themselves busy with table football, copious amounts of ice cream, sand throwing, animal noise making and throwing themselves into walls!  Well finally today saw an end to this as approximately 10-12knots graced St Peter Ording.  At 9am riders turned up for skippers meeting more then eager to run any sort of competition to wipe away the cob webs built up over the last few days.

There really wasn\’t enough wind to run the double elimination of the freestyle so instead the organisers decided to run a boarder cross contest.  This was just pure comedy.  In some heats winds barely hit possible planing weather for even 20meter kites and in others there was enough to get a snails pace on, but it was great entertainment and everyone had fun.

Boardercross here is really very simple.  A course was set up near enough straight down wind.  It began with a running beach start (a major obstacle in itself), an inflatable sausage to jump over a bouy to tac round and another sausage to jump over on the way back followed by another bouy marking the finishing point.

Part skill and mostly luck determined the winners of the heats for kites were getting tangled and dropped left right and center.  Nearly every start line was the major obstacle with kites falling out the sky a regular occurence and crossed lines of different kites even more regular.  The next obstacle was jumping over the bouy.  I say jumping but this was not clearly stated in the rules, so jumping over, rolling over, grinding, getting off chucking your board over and then scrambling over were common methods of  clearing this first task.  Making it around the bouy was pretty clearly stated and so generally mastered very well and making it over the last sausage seemed a little less stressful then the first.

People to laugh at

1.  Bas Koole (Best) – Chucking his board over the inflatable sausage, but then clearly not skilled enough to scramble over it himself!  Took a good few minutes!

2.  Paul Caswell (Cabrinha) – Back looping over the second inflatable sausage, but landing smack on his back on top then getting stuck like and upside down beetle before wiggling himself over the rest of the way!

3.  Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil) – Ditching his kite on the beach and tripping up all his competitors followed by a not too well understood course – so he did a back mobe over the last sausage and that was it!  It didn\’t qualify him.

4.  Ania Grzlinska (North) and Jalou Langeree (Naish) – jumping on top of each other on the first bouy.

5.  Everyone who wrapped their kites around each other in a frantic effort to be first and then being overtaken by the person tootling along in last place – making themselves first!!!

Results after two rounds

1st Kevin Langeree (Naish) on and enormous table size board

2nd Rui Meira (Naish)

3rd Mallory Delavillemarque (North)


1st Ania Grzelinska (North)

2nd Bruna Kajiya (Best)

3rd Katja Roose (Airush)

Wind forecasted tomorrow for double elimination – still keeping fingers crossed!!!  LET THERE BE WIND!!!!!! (Please)

Photo Credit: Boardseeker contacts


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