PKRA Round 2 – Austria

Austria Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf

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The surf world cup in Austria is far more then a surf world cup.  The event is a well organised huge event that could be considered more of a festival combined with the World Cup for Kitesurfing and the European Cup for windsurfing.

With Austria being landlocked the event was held on Podersorf lake.  It may as well be the sea because its damn big, but its not and its barely more then 2 meters depth at any point no matter how far out you go.  The lake on the weekend was crazy busy with all kinds of watersports enthusiasts from topper sailing to canoeing, and of course kitesurfing, but with such a sizeable lake it could hardly be considered busy.  Everyone had planty of space.

They go to town with the organisation and they take no short cuts or half measures to blag the event.  £1,000’s and £1,000’s go into the preparation and on arrival you see 2 huge party tents, paintballing courses especially set up, large outdoor cinema size televisions, bungee jumping, sound systems, food halls the lot.  It really is a festival and half of Austria and the surrounding countries hits Podersdorf for the duration.  A sleepy small town really becomes alive.

The event from when the kitesurfing began was blessed with just one day of wind, but we were lucky for this as it wasn’t forecasted.  It was on the first day.  Sunny skies and 15-18 knots cross from the right was our treat.  It was from a non-gusty wind direction (not many of those on this lake) and it lasted the entire day and saw riders with full power on 14m and 12m kites.  With the wind lasting the duration of the day it was possible to complete the entire single elimination and even begin with the doubles, but only the first two rounds of the doubles was completed.  This was great because UK rider Lewis Crathern (Slingshot) stopped in the singles by other UK rider and World Champ Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil) was able to charge further through the contest and make it to 9th place and still not yet knocked out.



1st Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK)

2nd Kevin Langeree (Naish)

3rd Youri Zoon (Slingshot)

4th Rocky Chatwell (Airush)…

9th Lewis Crathern (Slingshot, UK)


1st Gizella Pulido (Slingshot)

2nd Bruna Kajya (Best)

3rd Carolina Winkowski (Naish)

4th Ania Grzelinska (North)

5th Jo Wilson (Naish, UK)

Well that was it as far as the kitesurfing action was concerned, but there was plenty more activities to get involved in.  On the third day the riders organised a mass war in the paint balling area.  It was more of a free for all then any tactics going on because there were far too many people, but later in the day games continued and numbers became less and more skill was involved.  Many a bruised rider walked by later that day.

The following days involved watching Austrian strippers, more paint balling, good food, table tennis, partying, but still no kitesurfing.  The event was a week long.  We had wind on day one and then not a breath the rest of the time.  Then on the final day the competition was called off around 3pm and as sods law would have it by 5pm it was windy and everyone who hung around long enough to find out hit the water on 10m – 12m kites!!  Isn’t that always the way.

Next stop for the PKRA is at the end of May in Sicily off the coast of Italy from May 29th – 3rd June.


Day one of the event here in Austria saw sunny skies and 15 – 18 knots of wind.  A landlocked country indeed, but Podersdorf homes an enormous lake with relatively low level land surrounding it.  The wind blew in from the North providing some fairly chilly conditions, but it was cross to cross on shore making it one of the least gusty wind direction.

Around 12 noon the first heats went on to the water with riders opting for around 14m kites.  All the usual faces were here, but it was a relatively newcomer that stole the show.  The newcomer is from Texas, US riding on Airush kites and a tender age of 16yrs old.  Rocky was on top form and busting all the handle passes and some nice kite loop passes as well.  He took down some top names including Alvaro Onieva (Best) in the first round followed by Cesar Portas (North).

Lewis Crathern from the UK riding Slingshot arrived with Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil).  They\’ve obviously been bouncing off one an other and Aaron kept the astonishing pace that he had in Venezuala.  Lewis was also riding well, but in a turn of bad luck he sailed straight through round one to face Aaron Hadlow in round 2.   Lewis went for innovation trying to land his new move called the \’boschmosis\’ where he lands any move to blind and the instead of passing the bar behind his back he chucks it to the other hand and as such at one point there is no hands touching the bar.   Both riders just went out and had fun against each other.  Aaron went through the heat leaving Lewis top make a come back in the double elimination.

On the other side of the draw Kevin Langeree (Naish) continued to charge and came up to face Aaron in the finals.  Aaron stayed on form and has now won the single elimination for the second round of the PKRA.

From the women Gizella Pulido (Slingshot), Bruna Kajyia (Best) and Carolina Winkowski (Naish) continued to shine.  All three were landing an array of handle passes, but the final really did see Gizella and Bruna fighting for it.  In Venezuala Bruna had the edge over Gizella, but here Gizella was determined to prove that she deserved first place.  She was definately not happy with 2nd place in Venezuala!!!  Well in the final Bruna landed a huge powered blind judge as her first move.  Gizella returned the move, but with less height and speed.  Bruna continued and landed a down loop handle pass, a kite loop handle pass and an s bend pass.  Last year this would have been way more then enought o win, but this year not!  Gizella rode really well and landed a really clean front mobe, back to blind air pass,  slim chance, s bend pass and more.  Although Bruna perhaps landed a couple of slightly harder moves Gizella definately had the edge with more moves and cleaner landing.

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